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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moonbeams and Leather

Myriad hand-torched sterling silver double-ended ball headpins flare and writhe like wild blue-fire moonbeams from a wrapped ring of dark, polished steel wire. This "flaming moon" hangs from a double strand of buckskin deer leather and a length of antique silver plated steel rollo chain. Additional chain links randomly dot the leather lacing. The leather is securely wrapped onto figure 8 sterling connectors with additional sterling silver wire.

I made this pendant at the same time I made my "flaming moon" earrings but couldn't decide what to do with it. I tried black leather, then black silk string, and it just wasn't right. When I found this deerskin leather from Magpie Gemstones, it just felt right. It was kind of a bear to attach it to the connectors--the leather is so soft, it's kind of hard to wrap. It looked a little bare, so I removed several links from the chain (it's antique silver-plated steel) and added them to the leather.


  1. Great creative piece! Love the head pin details.

  2. Really digging your latest designs! Great job with all the wire wrapping, balled ends, hammered clasp (I just love those!) and then adding the links around the leather.

  3. I really dig that focal. I keep fondling with my eyes those earrings like that on your Etsy page. This is such a contrast in materials. I love it!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. oooh, "eye fondling." love it! i do that.

  5. I love annealed wire, I love your pendant. regards Stefanie

  6. the flaming moon design is terrific and you are doing beautiful things with it... it is always a challenge when a piece insists on something specific - but doesn't let you in on it! i especially like how you brought the leather into the design... very very nice!