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Monday, May 24, 2010

So Famous It's WRONG

I have to say I'm just overwhelmed with my own popularity. Perfectly exhausted by the notoriety. I mean, bombarded day and night (but not, like, in a row) by fan mail, and "you're in my treasury" convos. Mon Dieu, how many treasuries can one artiste be in, in 38 days?

Seven. (I just counted). It's seven. (Ah, the magic of tagging and prosaic, tediously descriptive item titles).

Check this shit out (in chronological order):

These treasuries are gorgeous works of art all by themselves! (If you click on them it will take you to my Flickr page and I think they'll be a little bigger). I would have them made into posters and framed. (With the little circles on my items. And maybe a big red arrow.) I think I already posted the camel kissing one, but it's my favorite ever so I couldn't leave it out. And how cool Sandra put me in hers with Leslie, Cindy and Mary Jane and their gorgeous stuff! Thanks Sandra! What an honor! The green one reawakened my obsession with felt bowls, and I'm totally intrigued by Aslancrafts' polymer clay beads. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a clay hand and some vanilla buttercream soap. And some Red Hill Beads. And a leather rabbit mask.

I have to start making treasures--with the Treasury East thing you don't have to circle like a vulture all day long waiting for a spot to open up. It will give me something new to check obsessively during the day. ("Did my treasury make it to the front page? Not yet. ... OK, how about now? ... Dang! ... OK--Now! DANG!")

Wow, my horn kind of hurts. I think I was tooting it too vigorously.


  1. toot away! your work should be recognized for the beauty it is... and it is so great to be in a treasury... i love seeing how people put work together and create a unified, yet distinct whole... congrats!!

  2. I hear that vigorous horn tooting is good for the soul. But you don't want to wear it out. Or you might blow it. (HAHAHAHA!)
    Seriously? That is wicked cool. And I did make a treasury and it was fun! This inspires me to finally get something listed in my lonely Etsy shop. Maybe tomorrow.
    Enjoy the day!

  3. I think that is the bell tower I hear! Your work is incredible and I love every piece you create...those treasury's are so lucky to have you!

  4. FYI, the number of sales is apparently inversely proportional to the number of treasuries.

  5. you're hot baby, what can I say! but seriously, your work is awesome! i'm a big fan!

  6. Oooooh...I know a famous person! I'm so honored! Let me guess - pretty soon your blog will be VIP only and people will need special passwords to get in, right? Oh, and there will be a bouncer to keep out the riff raff. His name will be Vito (don't ask me why - that just popped into my head). Congrats on the fame and don't forget us little people, okay?!

  7. I won't forget you, little people.

  8. Congratulations, oh Notorious One!!!
    Your work definitely deserves to be recognized.
    Because it is GORGEOUS.