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Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was working on this about a month ago, after some unexpected success using Press 'n' Peel blue sheets to transfer images to metal for etching (higher temp on the iron--"wool" setting--did the trick). Sharing my project got interrupted by a spot of surgery that became more extensive than my doctor or I had planned, so I've been recuperating at home, two important but apparently unnecessary organs lighter (and with some sexy Frankenstein-style handiwork) and grasping like never before the jaw-dropping inanity of contemporary television programming. I have to say that all the me-time (every day is Me-Day!) and sleeping has been a wonderful luxury, and I've been perfectly giddy having a valid excuse not to bathe (I hate getting wet, so daily showering is a real martyrdom for me) or do anything productive. I'm like a baby again, feeling all proud about farting (I also briefly contemplated hiring a skywriter to let everyone know "I pooped!" it was so exciting), getting out of a chair by myself, and walking to the bathroom on my own steam.
The vaguely bird-shaped focal here is made of two etched copper shapes fastened together with copper eyelet rivets, so it's double sided (both sides are pictured above). The floral patterns on each side are slightly different. They were antiqued with traditional verdigris patina from Sculpt Nouveau. The fabulous deep red raku lampwork egg is by Kelley Wenzel, the light turquoise lampwork spacers are from Meital, and the little filigree verdigris bead cap is from Shannon LeVart. The dark red and teal accent beads are from Happy Mango Beads. The half-dome copper end pieces (my DIY bead tips) and copper chain were made by me. Cording is Irish waxed linen in turquoise.

This will eventually be for sale in my Etsy shop but I'm not able to get to the post office yet to ship (too far to walk and I'm not ready for the manual transmission in my car yet), so for now my shop is empty. I would like to make a small series of these pieces with different shapes and colors. Eventually.
OK, nap time.