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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Blues. And the Greens.

I've got The Blues. And apparently The Greens, too. See what I mean?

I wanted to make some bracelets, because I haven't in a while, and I wanted to use copper. I love blues and greens with copper so I started looking in my blue and green bins and holy cow! I have a lot of green beads. When did I get those? WHERE did I get those? Alas, I stopped keeping track a long time ago, and figuring out where they all came from would be rather a chore. I do generally know WHAT they are however--the beads in this bracelet are lapis lazuli, blue agate, azurite, blue impression jasper, turquoise, and probably green howlite. (I'm guessing they came mostly from Happy Mango Beads, Lima Beads, and maybe an Etsy shop or two.)

And because one of each thingy is never enough (this one has the same beads, except with some bronzite and a chrysocolla thrown in, royal blue cording instead of brown, and a smattering of tiny lampwork donuts):

And lastly this one (I wasn't quite sick of blue and green yet so I made just one more):

I will be listing these in my shop in the next few days--probably one at a time, so that it's less confusion (they are slightly different sizes).