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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have Dremel, Will Travel

MONTHS ago I wired up this pineapple quartz point, and did the two short strands of Czech yellow opal crackle glass. I've been carting them around in a baggie ever since, waiting for sufficient motivation to accumulate in order to finish it. Last night the mouthy little angel on my right shoulder was telling me I should be productive, and I thought, I know, I'll do that thing that's already half done. And I'll add that chain I already made. All I really had to do was link everything together and polish it. I Dremeled the wrapping on the pendant, and hit the strands of glass with my steel wool and then the Dremel. The Dremel makes me unspeakably happy. The chain is currently doing another round in the tumbler. I  just love this pineapple quartz--the entire strand has swirls of iceberg blue that glow like Galadriel's Phial when the light hits them.
Unfortunately, I think the bead shop where I got these, and my favorite apple green howlite roundels, and other fabulous stuff, is going out of business. Her inventory is dwindling and she's not replacing it, and I haven't had the heart to ask if she's closing up shop. If she is, though, I'll have to go make a BIG SCORE at her closeout sale!!!!

For more information on this item, CLICK HERE.


  1. perfect!! i really love this necklace!!You've played with the dremmel??!! so cool no? i'm sorry if they close the store.. not a good news..

  2. it's beautiful, love it's ethereal feel.

  3. This necklace has such a gorgeous glow. I hope the bead store is not closing, this makes me sad to hear.

  4. I love my dremel, too. I sing "Here We Go A Dremeling, a Dremeling We Go" when I use it. It makes me happy.