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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Boobie Prize GIVEAWAY!!!

That is, a prize in honor of my boobies. Yes, today I got the results for my first ever mammogram--NORMAL!! So in honor of my healthy boobies I am having a giveaway.
These earrings can be yours:

Genuine amber and iolite, with antique silver plated flower beadcaps and antique silver plated "crinkle" chain from Ornamenta on my hand-formed sterling silver earwires, all polished with my brand new DREMEL, courtesy of Mommy and Stepdad! Thanks Mom and Bob! They're about 3" long (7.8 cm), impossibly delicate, and yes, ssssexy.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this post with a description of what outfit(s) in your closet you would wear these earrings with. The more detail the better. (If you would have to shop for an outfit to wear with the earrings, describe to everybody the outfit you would look for!) Comments that do not include a description of said outfit(s) will not be considered.

I'll be using random.org to pick a winner next Monday, May 10, 2010. Please leave only one comment because any/all repeats will be deleted.

I thoroughly expect that whoever wins these earrings will think about her boobies, and how important it is to get regular mammograms, whenever she wears them.

P.S. If you want to visit my Etsy shop, CLICK HERE.


  1. Great earrings, I love Iolite!! I have lots of outfits I could wear these earrings with because purple is a staple in my wardrobe so not a problem for me. But I wouldn't have a problem shopping too! Kristi

  2. Awesome earrings! While I do have different outfits I could wear these with (jeans and white t-shirt. jeans and olive green t-shirt. jeans, white tennis shoes, brown t-shirt and blue hoodie), my ears are no longer pierced to accept these gorgeous earrings.

    So they would become a Christmas present for one of the womenfolk in my family who do have pierced ears that still accept earrings. Most likely my SIL, since she is an earring glutton. But she moved out last December, so I don't have immediate access to her closet to name her outfits for you. If I win, I promise to blog a post about the outfits she chooses to wear with the earrings. And I will include reminders for everyone to celebrate healthy boobs and get them checked regularly.

  3. Good news on the boobies!
    I have never had one and I am overdue...you may have just inspired me to make that appointment. Especially since an office-mate of mine is out because she just had surgery for breast cancer, and if that isn't a wake up call I don't know what is.

    I think that these are impossibly sexy. I love the silver bead caps on those amber beads. I see these shoulder skimming lovelies with a sexy black dress. One with twisted straps and a nice plunge. Of course, I don't have said dress so a shopping trip would be in order. And maybe a gym membership to tone my arms and a plastic surgery appointment to rearrange a few things. Or maybe it would look just as at home with the white t-shirt and jean jacket that I am wearing right now. But option one would be good too.

    Enjoy the day!

  4. Good job on the quishing - bet you thought there was no waaaay they'd ever pop back. Love the earrings!!! I love anything with amber! My outfit would start with the jeans of course. I might have to find a new blouse though. And I'm thinking something gauzy or sheer, and drapey (is this a word?)with a v neckline. Maybe even a poets shirt with a tank. My favorite flat shoes and stack of silver bracelets. :-D

  5. Congratulations on healthy boobies!! The earrings are gorgeous. I just adore them.

    We're on a pretty tight budget right now, so it's hard to imagine buying something new and I'm not very good at putting outfits together- I just stay with the basics mostly.

    So! I would wear these with a white v-neck and my brown linen pants. I really think they would go with just about anything in my closet, though which is one reason I LOVE them:-).

    Thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you!

  6. Good girl getting a mammogram, I just had mine last week and I am all good too. I would wear these with jeans and a white T shirt, mostly because my clothing budget goes to my teen daughter. But I also think that jewelry should be worn dressed up or down.

  7. so glad the boobie are healthy!

    i'm a jeans and t-shirt gal, so i would wear these with my blue and white pinstripe shirt and dark blue denim jeans.

    thanks for the opportunity

  8. Yeah for your boobies!! I'm over due - prob should make an appointment.

    Clothes... I live in Jeans... for these I would wear blue jeans, white t (or polo - collar up 80s style ohhhh yeah baby!) and if the weather wasnt too warm either my denim jacket orrrr a gorgeous tan suede blazer. oooo la la! ;o) (you can see I dont get out much!!)

    Long live healthy boobies!!

  9. Congratulations on your mammogram :)
    What gorgeous earrings! I adore amber, and purple is my favorite color - I'd love to wear these with jeans, white linen button down shirt, purple(ish)sandals and my favorite big amber ring. :)

  10. Yay!! A normal mammogram!! Good for you and make sure you go again next year!! Earrings are gorgeous but everything you make is!
    Miss you!

    Erin, please make the appointment and am praying for your office-mate!

  11. I have these great spring peep-toe wedges with a blue-green-yellow speckle on the top. I currently wear them with as much as I can get away with, but mostly a sleek rayon skirt (brown) and a blue t-shirt that makes my eyes really stand out. The yellow stones will really play off my highlights

  12. I'd wear these with anything, honestly. But if I had the time (and the destination) to dress them up a bit, I'd wear a black wrap dress with a purple lace cami peeking out at the neckline. I'm not sure about shoes. I definitely need to go shoe shopping.

  13. Hmmm...I'm thinking...my navy sweater, jeans and my high heeled brown leather boots.

    Oh, and I'm posting a link on my blog about your giveaway!


  14. Glad to hear, that everything went smooth. I had my first breast ultrasound after a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I was trembling with fear, but everything was fine.

    Your earrings are great and I would wear them with blue jeans a withe t-shirt and my purple cashmere-cardigan and a matching scarf.



  15. I have a yellow ombre shirt these earrings would be great with--its light yellow on top and dark golden yellow on bottom. With jeans of course.(what else?)
    I get regular mammo's every year. Not taking any chances. :-)

  16. first of all - glad your test result was normal... your blog looks great!
    well, you aren't going to get me out of jeans - so i would have to say with my fav dark grey tee... these are really pretty and have inspired me to get a polisher for the dremel that my dad has lent to me!

  17. Great results on you boobies!
    I think I would go out and buy a new dress, I live in Florida and the heat is just going up. A new cute dress and your earrings would be great!
    But if I had no money, my old white skirt, my blue blouse (also old!) and sandals... your earrings would be the only fancy thing!

    escuishi (at)hotmail.com
    and I blogged about your giveaway!

  18. Beauitful earrings!
    Those earrings would look good with a bright orangish-yellow linen shirt I have and a pair of jeans. Oh - I also have a shirt that has yellow and purple in it, so I could wear that too. I like everyone else's outfit suggestions too.
    Glad your mammogram was negative.

  19. Thanks ladies! I'm seeing a theme here...Yes, denim would be a good match! As well as a slinky black dress! Amaranta, thanks for the blog mention!! (off to visit...)

  20. I think I would wear a black T-shirt with a V neck and black jeans (from The GAP) and black Doc Marten boots (10 hole). This would hopefully direct attention to my neck and your sessy earrings enticing my BF to kiss me where the amber stones are tickeling me.

  21. beautiful earrings... yay for loving our boobies and taking care of them!!

    I would wear these with blue jeans... boots... and a tank top that would match the amber.. and jacket that would match the iolite :)

  22. Beautiful earrings!

    I would wear them with a linen dress that I have - it's gold colored fitted at the top with a scoop neck and then a full skirt at the bottom; also a brown belt w/ a gold buckle and strappy brown (fake) snake heels.

  23. My Facebook friend LEA commented via my Facebook blog feed. Here's what she said:

    "Congrats Keirsten!Just had my boobies squeezed last week & got my normal results too! Well, normal boobies, that is! ;-)

    "These earrings are great! I would wear them with my multitude of jeans & I have an ochre colored top that I bought in Begium while on vacation last year that I think these would look great with."

    Thanks for entering Lea, and congrats on the thumbs up mammo!