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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Buttonator (that's Button-ator, not Butt-O-Nator)

That's me. Or perhaps, the Disc-o-nator. (I missed disco by about 5 years, but I did see "Thank God It's Friday" about 12 times. I had a Donna Summer album. And Saturday Night Fever. I still occasionally listen to the BeeGees but "Nights on Broadway" makes me cry too much and I have to turn it off. I know, I'm not right.)

You might recall I used these BlueSeraphim raku lampwork discs on my protoype necklace for my Button-ator technique.

Well, I have now used them in a bracelet. (That was always my plan--and then earrings. Not there yet).

Aren't the colors amazing? I'm so inspired by these beads.

The other beads here are: navy blue Mykonos ceramic washers (from LindenAvenueDesigns), purple aventurine, green turquoise, ivory and brown bone spacers, and one little cobalt blue glass bead I got from my "junk" container. Antique gold plated pewter daisies and modified beadcaps. I used a rising sun stamp on the bigger one. Four strands of super soft cocoa leather cord from LeatherCordUSA.

Tada. That's it, that's all I got. OK time for PIZZA!!!!


  1. Wowzzer, the bracelet rocks! I love the colors too, such a wonderful collection of beads.

  2. Great bracelet, you need to teach a class on this technique.

  3. Another stunning piece, Keirsten! It reminds me of a Klimt painting...

  4. Every tme I look at this bracelet Keirsten I see something different - Art appreciation 101!

  5. I think i commented on this one on Flickr, i hope i did any way, else i'll be slapping my own wrist for missing it. The colours are stunning in those beads, and you have made a beautiful bracelet with them, love it

  6. So freaking cool. I am still loving my turquoise necklace, BTW!

  7. I so love this technique! This is a gorgeous bracelet - the colors are right up my alley :)