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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've Been Featured!

The wonderfully inspired and talented Libby Leuchtman at LibbyLeu glass has featured me on her blog! She is going to be doing regular blog posts about other artists whose work she connects with. I stopped by her blog when I was doing the Bead Soup blog hop and was knocked out by her new "onion dome" focal beads (I visited Moscow once, and Red Square, and was really wowed by the cathedral architecture in the Kremlin complex--her photo of St. Basil's really took me back!), and then I was totally floored by her podlettes when I visited her Etsy shop.

Copper Green Podlette Pair
Are those not the sweetest little things? Mysterious and graceful! Lori Anderson did a gorgeous bracelet with them by the way, check out the podlettes in action!!

And these gorgeous amber ones:

"Red Roof Tile Podlettes"

From Libby's Etsy profile and shop announcement:

"My name is Libby Leuchtman and I have been making glass beads for 13 yrs and designing jewelry for 20 years. All my beads are handmade by me and kiln annealed.

"I have always loved art and started out as a muralist. About 13 years ago I saw an artist at a show that had handmade glass beads. I signed up for a class two weeks later, and the rest is history. I founded the St. Louis Lampworkers Society, St. Louis Bead Society and I am a member of ISGB and the Torchworking Director at Third Degree Glass Factory www.stlglass.com. My beads have been collected for the Kobe Glass Art Museum, and appeared in several books. I have been teaching glass beadmaking for 8 years."
She also makes larger pod focals, also breathtaking and utterly unique!

Kalypso Frit Pod

Stop by and visit Libby at one of the links above!


  1. Congratulations on being featured. I love Libby's pods. I will definitely check out her etsy shop. I also love your blog. You are very talented and funny.

  2. Isn't Libby the nicest? And of course you are one of my favorite people. So nice to see this feature of you. I am still crushing on that red lampwork necklace that you made for the Challenge of Color hop.... and I love her idea for the onion domes! Brilliant!
    Enjoy the day, Kiersten!

  3. Congrats on being featured!! And Libby's beads are amazing~

  4. Congrats on the feature! I will check it out shortly. Bead Soup is where I first saw Libby's beads. I am totally smitten with them and completely envious that you've been to Moscow. Bucket list next to the Great Wall.

  5. her work is really fabulous - and congrats on the feature - so well deserved! off to check it out...

  6. Awesome people should be featured.
    Off to read more about one of the funniest, most beautiful women I have had the pleasure getting to know online!

  7. Would LOOOOVE to see what you make with her beads! She rocks, as do you!

  8. So many good things came out of the Bead Soup blog hop and my favorite this year was discovering Keirsten. Can't wait to see what we can create together. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my beads. Our little blog family rocks big time.

  9. Congratulations! Those pods are really fantastic!

  10. Hey, I KNOW you were featured -- that's how I got here! Still trying to make the Bead Soup Blog Party rounds and was there and then came here and am man-o-man glad I did -- your work and your blog are delights! (Love the paisley background (she wrote from her perch on a paisley couch)!) You are indeed precise and careful and more than willing to share. Your work is inspiring.
    BTW, I live near Philly but was in Whitefish 8 or 9 years ago. What I recall the most was the fabulous orange linoleum tile floor in the bathroom of a coffee shop we stopped at.
    Anyway, your blog is great, your stuff is great; thanks for sharing.