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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Is in the Air...Somewhere! (Not Here.)

And that idea inspired me to dig into my new Happy Mango Beads stash! Plus feeling lots better after being laid low by a mystery bug. Getting back to the gym has helped with muscle pain and fatigue--gotta love endorphins!

I put this bracelet together with my new technique, using Indonesian lampwork discs from Happy Mango in olive-lime, lilac and vanilla. I accented those with little charoite roundels from Lima Beads, glass seed beads in lime, and a bunch of little copper bowls (a/k/a upside down copper beadcaps). White greek leather from Magpie Gemstones completes the bracelet, fastening to a hand-forged toggle bar.

I was totally beside myself with dopey glee when I created a flat headpin the other day--It was a spontaneous thought, figured it wouldn't work. "Gee, I wonder if I could make my own flat headpins from my ball headpins?" So I put a ball headpin tail down in the vice, tightened it up, and tap-tap-tapped on it until it was flat. They look like chubby little nails. Love them!!!

I just love the swirls in the ivory and lilac beads:
"Spring Around the Corner and Then Way Down the Road" Bracelet
I'm getting foolish collecting more lampwork discs from various Etsy sellers. I can't stay away from Outwest and Alisha White's shops! I also loaded up on some spacers from TheSpacerQueen that I thought would coordinate with my discs. I think those spacers will be perfect little buttons for pieces like this. She has oodles of colors!!!


  1. very cool and funky, love it!

  2. You're a creative genius ... what else can I say!

  3. This is really beautiful and so unique! I love it!

  4. Your new technique continues to delight me! And love the colours! I also love the copper cups combined in there - fantastic!
    Hey btw - your necklace disappeared out of my treasury - please put it back!!!!

  5. Thanks! My plan is "[endless] variations on a theme." I'm really liking the way these things look and they seem to be going over well so I'm going to keep plowing through my collection of disc beads until I'm sick of doing it. Just ordered some lampwork that I think is going to be spectacular!

  6. I love this Keirsten - you have a really individual style. I've just discovered Outwest myself so it's great to see discs as finished pieces, very inspirational.

  7. Man, oh man! I love this bracelet! I don't wear them, but if I did this would be the one I would choose! I think you could easily adapt that part to a necklace. I love the fresh funkiness of this piece. Makes me think of a field of abstract flowers. Thank you for sharing this loveliness. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. The bracelet is incredible, I am so glad you are exploring this style more, I can't get enough!

    Outwest and White are to. die. for.

  9. Really beautiful, I love your necklace in the previous post too.
    Deb x