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Saturday, February 6, 2010

She Likes Me!! She Really, Really Likes Me!!!

Remember when Kelley Wenzel of Kelley's Bead Studio blogged about sending some beads "way up to the Tundra?" Well, guess who the lucky tundra-dweller was? Guess. Just guess. Seriously--just guess.

Yes, it was Moi. Me. Me me me me me!! All I can say is SCORE, MAN!!!! DUDE!!! SCORE!!!! GET OUT!! OMG. OMG. Get. The hell. Out.

DUDE!!!! SCORE!!!!!

Of course this was utterly unexpected. It was totally Ninja crack dealer--never saw it coming and now I want more. As I told Kelley, it provoked a multi-stage reaction:

(In chronological order) 1) (get package) mild bewilderment (what did I buy?) 2) (look at return address) deeper bewilderment (I bought that?). 3) (open package, read note, drop jaw.) Get out. GET OUT!!! OMG!! GET OUT!!! 4) (open box, look at beads) SCORE!!! I SCORED!!! SCORE!!! (stand up, do a little dance) 5) (sit down again) Awwww!!! She likes me! She really really likes me! 6) O. M. G. 7) (very) brief moment of stunned silence. 8) dawning admiration for sly and very effective crack dealer marketing scheme. 9) bead fondling. 10) Repeat #9 as necessary throughout the day.

I already have plans for almost all of these beads. She chose them so well, they fit not only into the designs I have in my mental pipeline, they would even fall seamlessly into stuff I've already created. (I'm tempted to take stuff apart and put them in there). I'm so touched at the care she took to look at all the designs I've posted and choose beads that harmonize with my favorite palettes. I feel so special!! And totally seeing what these beads could add to a piece of jewelry. I was actually working up to buying some lampwork but couldn't really picture yet what I would do with it. Now that I have fondled them in my grubby fingers I know how I want to use them. And I'll be circling Kelley's shop like a vulture.

Thanks again Kelley!! You rock!!!


  1. Congrats! They are beautiful!!! Your post made me smile. I am glad I am not the only one who fondles & circles! I'm feeling a lot less deviant now. Enjoy those beads:)

  2. lucky lucky girl!!
    can't wait to see what you create with them!

  3. You've been spying on me when I get a package haven't you?
    The beads are gorgeous and so you

  4. you are so very welcome :) and thank you for taking a much better pic of the beads than what I included in my original teaser! they really did deserve better than the pic I took. happy beading!