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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My New French (Speaking) Lady

I was delighted to discover the other evening that my blog has acquired another French (or French-speaking) lady. I love French (and/or French speaking) ladies. I would like more. A French man would be very nice too. Yes indeed.

Welcome to Isabelle di Martino! I poked around on Isabelle's brand new blog and her shop to find out more about her, but to no avail. She may be Swiss. Or perhaps Belgian. Or perhaps Senegalese. Dying to know!!! I need a Belgian lady. And an African lady. And a Swiss lady. I don't think I have any.

Anyway, I invite you all to stop by her brand new blog and give her a follow! She has some very unique and exquisite bronze and copper pieces on display, with a really modern, organic flavor to them; her post of today includes some really beautiful pieces (I especially love the first one, pictured below, with the mother of pearl insets).

I hope Ms. Di Martino isn't upset that I put one of her photos on here. Looked for a way to contact her but I would have had to set up an account on the site where she has her shop and there was just too much French. I didn't want to accidentally subscribe myself to the Crepe of the Month club or something.


  1. Oh my, her work is exquisite. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  2. Her creations are gorgeous and i can confirm she is french !

  3. yes, i'm french, from Marseille (in the South) and i'am happy to see my works on your blog !
    My english is very bad (I've got dictionnary on my knees !)You may talk with me on my Facebook (my name.) Your blog is doubly attractive to me, of course by jewellry, but also by the title "Cérebral Dilletante" ! I definy myself as a "dilettante walker in life" !

  4. Kiersy, what a great site you have created. This woman, my dear friend is one of the most amazing...well need I say more....just a very smart one I admire and to think she use to make sandwiches at a deli in Whitefish 20 years ago. you go girl.....

  5. Tammy! you spoke! Yay! Hi! Was it really 20 years ago?? Oy. And I look so young. XXOO!!

  6. Yes, please. A french speaking man to visit my blog.
    I love Isabelle's work. Having tried bronze and copper clay, I found it really stressful to work with and therefore truly admire those who have mastered it. I am off to check out her work now!

    (re; about the ice resin sealing oxidation, you know when you have that awesome rainbow patina on fine silver? It doesn't last, even under renaissance wax. But ice resin sealed it perfectly and it has lasted over 3 months now. That is really hopeful to me. I also used it to enclose the heat patinas I have been working with, just out of curiosity and wouldn't you know? It doesn't change or alter them one bit!)

  7. Thanks Shannon! I've been reading about the difficulties of sealing copper pieces that have been heat treated--the usual varnishes apparently negate the rainbow effect. I use a fair amount of steel too and worry about rust--this would probably be a lot tougher than Future floor wax! Having bezel envy, BTW. My life's goal is to solder. One day.