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Thursday, February 4, 2010

From the Ruins of an Opulent Jungle Kingdom

This bracelet makes me think of ancient and grand civilizations, their splendor long passed away, secreted beneath a millenium's worth of lush vines and foliage in the heart of an impenetrable Mayan jungle. Only this small relic survived, a faint echo of their culture's high art.

(Angling for a job writing for Sundance catalog so I'm working on my pretentiousness. How'd I do? Should I add something about fierce jungle goddesses or something? "Unleash your fierce inner jungle leopard goddess with this opulent and rough-hewn wristpiece." Or maybe "I was captivated by the rough, atavistic opulence of this breathtaking piece; under its spell I began a voyage into my past lives and discovered I had once been--yes--the fierce and revered empress of a vast and lavish Mayan kingdom." Still seems a little wishy washy to me. How about "This stunning and opulent royal wristpiece, refulgent with luminous copper pearls and burnished copper, was wrought in the blazing forge of GOD HIMSELF who personally delivered it to me and commanded that I list it on Etsy." Did I nail it? I'm SO into the word opulent today. And atavistic. I love that word. Hard to find opportunities to use it in daily life. Although I have found it on occasion to be a less offensive alternative to the terms "goddamn Neanderthal" and "effing caveman." Mostly because nobody knows what it means. I'm not even entirely sure I know what it means.)

Copper green opal with hammered bead caps, freshwater pearls, moss agate, hand-forged toggle clasp, and fabulous "borneo" rollo chain from Ornamentea. A necklace in the same design is forthcoming soon. As soon as God finishes it.


  1. Wow! More of those fabulous green beads...am loving this, Keirsten! Your caps look great.
    I am very, very envious of your vocabulary and writing skills ;)

    FYI, my link on your side bar is wrong now...I moved over here to the b-spot:)

  2. really pretty - it's funny about how you are writing - i often thought of sundance too, or the j. peterman catalogue - now those guys write stories...

  3. You crack me up! And the piece is gorgeous.

  4. yes, I have tears making their way down my cheeks from laughing over your fierce jungle goddesses and effing cavemen who don't know the first thing about atavistic opulence.

    I love your toggle clasp and bead caps, they turned out FaNtAsTiC!

  5. Looking good!! Love it actually! Your bead caps are awesome!

  6. Thank goodness I my office is in my house now. If I was laughing this hard and loud from a cube people would SURELY know I wasn't building VCs in SAP! :o)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! :o)

  7. LOL! I do think you nailed it! The word that caught my eye was


    hmmm now there's a word I don't use everyday!

    Love the bracelet, it's beautiful. Even though you're trying to write pretentiously, this piece deserves the hyped up language. It's gorgeous!


  8. Your work is amazing. I love this. Thanks for sharing.