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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look What I Bought!

I just couldn't wait. I started circling over Kelley's shop this morning and there were GORGEOUS BLUE BEADS!! I've been neglecting the color blue and that was going to be my next thing. I warned her. Or tipped her off, rather. And there they were. ADD TO CART.

There was another set of beads in a barely-there palette of cream-to-creme brulee, lavender, and sky blue. I love subtle shades, and these beads are so versatile in their coloring I could combine them with all sorts of things and they would be spectacular. I love how clear they are--I think it will be a nice contrast to the usual opacity and semi matte finish of the types of gemstones I use. ADD TO CART.

And then to just really cement my dedication to using lampwork, I bought a couple more from another seller, LA Jewelry Designs.

I've been really into this slatey teal color lately. Haven't used it yet, just...collecting things. I love colors with a lot of gray in them. ADD TO CART.

OK, just had to share. Best go get busy with the pendant I'm making with the first of Kelley's beads.


  1. My kinda woman - absolutely no self control. Beads afterall are an important food group

  2. ohhhhh you got the little organic raku beads! I kept eyeballing those too! :o)

  3. I'm so happy to come across your blog! I can't wait to see what you make with my beads after seeing that GORGEOUS necklace!