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Thursday, May 19, 2011


No, not sappy teen vampire love, ACTUAL twilight. You know, crepuscule. Eventide. Gloaming. Dusk. (Sorry, been hitting thesaurus.com a little too hard). That's what this bracelet makes me think of--those very last moments of a summer day, when only a molten thread of crimson sunlight remains, and the sky above goes smoky violet and plum. Only lasts a moment. I could live in that moment for a long, long time.

Deep Twilight
These little earrings sort of go with it:
Deep Twilight Earrings
 On another note, I added these to the shop the other day:
The Land of the Rising Sun Meets the Emerald Isle
And these, a variation on my "Mexican Food Earrings":
South of the Border
And a slightly different pair of "lantern" earrings:
Garden Lanterns
My right leg has fallen asleep so I think I'll call it good. Good night!


  1. All so beautiful, love the colors with your copper, they work so deliciously together. Great caps.

  2. I continue to be delighted with your disc work... drool.
    pardon me, do you have a towel... :)

  3. Your work is amazing! I love your attention to detail ... the deeply domed bead caps ... and your colors are great!

  4. The bracelet is stunning!!! I love the Mexican food earrings. They remind me of a really great salsa! ~Val

  5. Ooooh, that picture of the fading behind the hills is gorgeous. LOVE the bracelet and the earrings. Great colors and I really love the overlapping flaps of the bead caps on the house of the rising sun earrings. Now I'm humming the song. Thanks for that :)

  6. pretty, pretty!

  7. Such beautiful creations, i love the bracelet and the lantern earrings are gorgeous. I also adore your poetic description of dusk, lovely.