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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Fishies

Water, water, water, everywhere water! That must be why I'm thinking of fish. And bright fish in tropical colors at that! It's a bit dreary here in the mountains right now, so this must be a spot of self-help therapy. I'm dreaming of warm tropical waters and sunny colors...
Here I've entertained myself with a cheerful little tableau of three whimsical glazed ceramic fish buttons (by MuddyMuse on Etsy), navigating their way through a sea of glass and gemstone "bubbles" in fresh, summery (I'm guessing here, "summer" exists for me on a purely theoretical plane) greens and blues. I've attached them all to a solid copper base via hand-forged headpins in a random pattern, and used short lengths of silk ribbon in "faded denim" by Flamekissedartglass to attach the focal to copper rollo chain.
Happy Little Fishies
The wonderful little sage green lampwork spacers are by Pinocean, and the larger spacer in periwinkle blue is by Studiorent. (I also recently found another lampwork spacer shop on Etsy, TheSpacerQueen --loads of colors, both opaque and transparent, all about 5x8mm each, perfectly freakishly uniform. Quick shipping and great prices. Check her out!). Other beads here include denim lapis, some seed beads in matte powder blue and lime green, little matte blue glass discs from Happy Mango, fancy jasper and one lonely moss agate.

OK, time for me to go take some Vitamin D and sit under a light bulb. I'm starting to look like Gollum.


  1. What a lovely little school of fishes...a real fun little number and I i'm loving blue/greens at the moment too. Adore Pinocean beads too.
    I could just see mermaid reclining across one of these necklace... :0)

  2. When are you coming over? Bring your fishy necklace with you!

    I swear I had a seasonal depression thing going on, I feel fantastic since we have moved and I get sunlight every day. It has made such a difference in my life from thinking outside the ruts your mind gets into, to walking more, eating healthier foods and reaching out to people more.

  3. Gorgeous necklace, love those fishies!

  4. beautiful necklace; love the colors!