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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I just love tablet beads. I'm particularly fond of these big glazed ceramic tablets by Mary Ann Carroll. These are in a dusky sand color, with a center of vivid crimson and tangerine, ringed with a rich greenish blue. The pendant below started out as a bracelet, which I decided was way too busy, so I took it apart and started over.  I thought simpler was better, and I thought it might work better, with its built-in toggle ring, as a pendant:

The Fiery Eye

(I added the toggle ring myself). I love how the porcelain warms against the skin when you wear it. It's like a worry stone, and something about that fiery center is comforting. I added some carnelian, poppy jasper, dyed quartz, and a little rice pearl to echo the colors:

On Sunday I finished the piece below. It's sort a talisman too--the kind of talisman that makes you think of chocolate chip mint ice cream. Now every time I look in my shop I want chocolate chip mint ice cream. In fact I'm wanting it right now.

Chocolate Chip Mint
My model, Alfre, is telling me to go to the store after work and buy some chocolate chip mint ice cream. You don't argue with Alfre.


  1. Good choice on making that a pendant! It stands alone that is for sure. And yum on the second (mint chocolate chip ice cream AND this awesome necklace!). If I didn't already have my own Giles original I would snatch that up. I think that ice cream is in order tonight!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. It does work very well on it's own! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and now you've annoyed me because I want it too!

  3. I don't even like mint ice cream but now I want some! I love the pendant and the necklace that goes with it. It's simple but beautiful. Your work is incredibly gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful creations! The ceramic beads are just gorgeous. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor! ~Val

  5. LOVE the "chocolate chip mint" necklace. Amazing job Keirsten, as always! (I really like your current blog background too) - Whitney :)

  6. you make such cool necklaces! love love love that mint one!! Amy @ copperdiem.blogspot.com