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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They're Back

Yes, you were devastated when they sold. I wasn't so much devastated as shocked. What would you ever find to wear now? But no worries, I made more.

Rockslide Earrings in Gray

Turquoise Czech Picasso Glass with Sterling Silver

Sugar Plum Czech Pressed Glass

If only someone would invent self-replicating earrings.


  1. yes, yes, i have the first and last pairs, love, love them, gorgeous!

  2. Love them all. They are each different shades of yum................
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Yeah! How come dust self-replicates, but not earrings? I especially love the plum-colored ones - very pretty!

  4. I have the pair you made w/ hearts earlier in the month and LOVE wearing them. They are not heavy and yet they are not invisible! Not often found in earrings! :o)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Keirsten!! :o)