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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Been Saving Up

Apparently I've been storing my energy for this weekend. I certainly haven't been using it for jewelry. Christmas weekend I laid around, in spite of my big plans. Felt utterly lousy all weekend--I think the lousiness was coming from an exceptionally tired low back which I abused spending several hours Christmas morning sitting on the floor feeding sensitive documents into my new paper shredder (I work part time for a Congressman.) Amazing how a sore back can just kind of trickle into the rest of your body and make you think you have H1N1. I don't think I do. I think I'd be dead by now because that was a week ago.

Just kidding about the Congressman. Figured I could go ahead and throw out my bank statements from 1995, but I didn't want to just hand them over to the garbage man so he could steal my identity (I don't think he'd get very far with it).

I'm now a big fan of making earrings so that's what I've been doing. The only thing that sucks about how fast you can make them is that then you have to photograph them. It takes just as long to photograph earrings as it does to photograph some big nasty pendant that took you all day.

So here they are:

Rockslide Earrings in Browns

Rockslide Earrings in Gray

Apple Green Howlite and Steel

Czech Picasso Finish Glass in Turquoise with Sterling Silver

More Czech Picasso Finish Glass in Black with More Sterling Silver

Czech Luster Finish Glass with Sterling Silver

Silver Finish Heart with Garnets and Crazy Horse Stone (sold)

I have a couple necklaces ready to list, but I'm just about out of steam. Think I'll head first to the coffee shack, then I'm going to the store for Doan's pills. Everybody says they rock.


  1. Kiersten: DO NOT SELL THOSE TURQUOISE EARRINGS. I need them. I will see you tomorrow at 8:30 with the money. And for work, I guess.

  2. wow - all beautiful...and i can see why the last pair vanished! gorgeous...

  3. haha becky! ok, I'll bring the goods.

  4. love them all, especially the rockslides! great work!

  5. i had hurry and buy some earrings before they were gone too.
    can't wait to get them.

  6. Love the wire wrapping on the teardrop beads. All the earrings are really pretty!