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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Best Inanimate Friend

This is my beloved little mini vise. I call him Hermann. Hermann
fits in my purse better than a chihuahua. It's $7.99 at Jewelry Supply. (How many people can say they have a vise in their purse? Or eggs?)

Here is a picture of Hermann in action, holding a pendant ready to be wrapped with wire.

Hermann really is MINI. The opening only goes to 1 and 1/4", and the table top you see (it's one of those cheapie laminate desks from Staples) is pretty thin and that's about the limit for that vise, it won't fit on a heavier table top. And as you can see, it isn't very deep either--the pendant that's pictured there is pushed all the way down and that's as far as it goes. For larger items you would need a bigger vise. But I've never found I needed anything bigger for jewelry. Best $8 I ever spent. It's amazing how much better my wrapping turns out when I have TWO hands free--I can use one hand to hold the loop at the top steady so it doesn't twist when I start wrapping, and I can use the other hand to wrap the wire. I can wrap a briolette or pendant really fast with Hermann. With no cussing.


  1. No cussing? Kind of takes the fun out of it. But seriously, this is a very cool tool. I can think of all sorts of ways to use it.

  2. That is one seriously powerful friend! I love that you have a name for him...and that you carry him in your purse!
    I have never seen that but I bet it would be hand-y...get it?
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Oooh...I was just deciding that I need a vice or clamp to hold things while I do some metal stamping. Thanks for the tip!!

  4. Hey - you have a named, inanimate friend too! Yay! Every artist needs one. They always agree with you. They're like yes-men but less annoying.
    I have mannequin called Zara. (Actually I just blogged about her.) My brother has a computer called Zoe. That's why I called my mannequin Zara: I wanted it to begin with Z, like Zoe. One has the brains and one has the body.