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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Know What I'm Doing This Weekend

Making bead caps!!! My doming block set came today. And I have my copper and brass sheet and my metal punch and my pin vise drill. Going to have to fire up the tumbler with some Dawn and the stainless steel shot I got and see if that will clean up the burrs I am sure to have on the edges of my discs before I dome them. Eventually I will get around to trying out the tumbler for polishing, but I've read so many different accounts about mystery deposits on metals and black sludge that I'm chicken to try. I am going to be seriously pissed if this bead cap thing doesn't work. I don't have room for all this crap I bought.

If I've made some fatal conceptual errors regarding making bead caps this way I'll have a giveaway and YOU can try it!!


  1. ROFL! I just ordered a dapping block for myself, but don't think I'll be venturing into bead cap territory for a while. I just wanted to hammer the $(#)& out of some stuff ;-)

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  3. oops, i didn't finish my thought in the last post.
    can't wait to see what goodies you create.

  4. aww I want one too. everybody's got one but me!
    but if I buy that, that means I need to buy a mallet, and a circle cutting doohicky, and a hole punch and then texturing hammers, and who knows what else.
    that's daunting!

  5. yeah, and sheet metal too!! and oxidizers! and probably a tumbler. steel wool. files....