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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Triple Whammy Hammered Copper Pendant

"You are getting verrrrry sleepy. And you are feeling verrrry generous. Look at the pretty spirals, around and around and around. One, two, and three. Keep focusing on pretty spiral number three. Yeah, down there. That's right. You are feeling verrrry generous and verrrry compliant. Look at the pretty boobies--I mean spirals and buy me that leather coat. You want to buy me that coat..."

Just a suggested usage, since he'll probably be looking at your boobs anyway. He won't even see what hit him.


  1. very cool, my partner made a bracelet with the same technique (I think, tho I dont have a clue about jewelry) but it was into a triangle shape instead
    very cool!

  2. mmmmmm....I am getting sleepy.....is it this triple whammy....or the fact that I don't go to sleep before 1am....

    Beautiful, as ever.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. o wow!!the chain is just PERFECT!!! beautiful K!!!

  4. Ok, if it will get him to buy me that leather coat I'll buy it. :) It is gorgeous!

  5. No... don't want to sleep, just want to admire your work with beads and copper. Too beautiful Keirsten !