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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Booty from the Itty Bitty Bead Show

There was a bead show today in Kalispell that I went to. Just the other day I told myself, "No. More. Beads." Because I already have so many that one day when my eyes and my wits and my sphincters go I will still have some left. (The eyes and wits aren't what they used to be but the sphincters are still good.) But then I got this little flier granting me free admission to a bead show...

Well, as I expected, it was a pretty petite little show. About 9 or 10 small vendors. But I found some stuff that was reasonably priced, that I sort of had been wanting. I don't generally buy much locally (I prefer the scandalously low prices I find from the Goliath-sized Internet-based stores), but sometimes I find really cool stuff for a good price.

The stuff below was pretty reasonable, I thought, for regular retail, and there was a lot of gorgeous stuff actually. Fabulous pearls and gemstones. The stuff below is what finally hooked me:

Stick-shaped shell beads in deep iris green/blue, two strands of really reasonable blue-green magnesite, a few porcelain pendants (I like Chinese stuff), and some inexpensive metal beads and bead caps.

I grabbed up these pietersite barrels like Cruella DeVille at Puppies 'R' Us, and was captivated by the little tourmaline rounds; couldn't resist the little pomegranate pearls, needed some more amethyst purple glass beads for my Ultra Secret Christmas Designs, and grabbed the copper cones just because I like pointy things. Loved the ornate brass saucer beads--figured I could whip up some eye catching earrings with those without having to try.

Well, I feel cool now that I got to do my own Bead Show Post. I was feeling left out. I better go make something now.


  1. howwwwwwwwwaw!! keirst!!! the porcelains and all the caps are very niiiiice!! what a chance!! where do you put all your beads?? do you put them same color with same color??if you are a rebel... i have a little idea!!
    well.. i'm very interested on your secret chrismas project..... soon!!

  2. some of my stuff is all thrown in together (glass, gemstones, pearls, wood, etc.), but recently I had to divide some of it out by color group. tired of digging around looking for stuff. a lot of it is divided by Big and Little. ha. if it's Big, it only fits in here, if it's Little, it will fit in here. so you have a little rebellious idea? Let's hear it!!!!

  3. Beautiful stones Keirsten, i am intriguate by the Pietersite, never seen before, i just know it's a good stone in lithotherapy.

  4. Nice haul! I, too, love to get the good deals online, but I love to pick the beads up and feel them in my hand. At the Bead & Button I looked at Heather and said, 'Is it wrong for me to have the urge to roll around on this table full of beads?' Can it be that wrong? Or is it just me? Can't wait to see what you do...and an Ultra Secret Christmas Project...woohoo! What fun! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. What a haul for a little bitty show! I'm so jealous, I haven't had the chance to go to any of the bead shows this year...I might be suffering withdrawal symptoms...