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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keep Doing the Same Thing Until It Isn't Cute Anymore

I made a bracelet a few months ago with bronze and steel lock washers from the hardware store, coin pearls and steel wire. People really seemed to like it. I eventually sold it to my boyfriend's sister who now wears it proudly in North Carolina. I've been meaning to make another one, along with a pendant and earrings, but have been putting it off. Wrapping the washers and polishing the steel was a bit of a chore. But I did it this weekend and it wasn't so bad. After I finished the pieces, I took a tiny paint brush and painted the steel wire with acrylic floor wax (formerly known as Future here in the US) to protect it from moisture. Read this tip on the Internet--can't say how protective it is, but it does go on nicely and once dry gives a nice shiny finish that doesn't rub off.

Here is the pendant:

And the bracelet:

And the earrings:

I really like how these turned out.

If somebody buys these I'll make them again. And again. Until nobody likes them anymore. Actually I'll probably keep making them beyond that, because you don't know that nobody likes them anymore until you make the last one that doesn't get any love. And then I'll wear that one myself. Or send it to one of you guys.


  1. Love it! Those washers and your wire wrapping are really industrial and so cool. And the color palette...yummy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art! I hope this one sells for you...but I have no doubt it will.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. realy gorgeous Mixed media jewelry pieces!!!! all is beautifull!! but the necklaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waw!! it's "magnifique"!!!!

  3. They're all fabulous, the pearls are such a gorgeous contrast to the industrial hardware - they'll sell...and sell...and sell!

  4. Those are just awesome. The elements really work well together and your wire-wrapping is fantastic!