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Monday, January 31, 2011

Toast and Taffy, Right Where You Need It

I'm totally into ceramic beads right now, and Mary Ann Carroll's are some of my favorites! I've combined two of her beads in this toasty little bracelet--the big textured focal (like a waffle!), and the little button-shaped bead with the dollop of turquoise in the middle. My Mom said it reminded her of saltwater taffy--what do you know, it DOES look like a piece of taffy! That makes me like it even more. And here it is on your wrist, so easy to nibble on if you have the urge. It's so tempting.

Toast and Turquoise

I've combined the ceramic beads with bone beads, turquoise magnesite half domes, and a little disc of turquoise sitting atop a wood disc (I used the same technique as for the necklace I posted about earlier--I did a mini "snake" and fastened the discs to it with a headpin). The bracelet fastens with a brass toggle clasp I made myself. All metal is solid brass, lightly antiqued and hand-polished.

I made one other bracelet. SLAVED over it. And I hate it. Not sure what to do with it. Tried some ribbon on it and it just doesn't look good. Hate it when that happens.


  1. Maybe we should hold an ugly contest. Get a group of people together and send them something that just ain't working for us and challenge them to see it anew and make it better! I know I have some real winners in my bottom drawer!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. That does look like taffy!

  2. Unique beads! I love how it came out! ~Val

  3. Love the new bracelet! And really think you've got the photographing down. That pattern in the background is subtle but interesting enough...

  4. This is a great piece! Wonderful colors and textures and your clasp is awesome! I have got to check out Mary's beads.

  5. Totally loving what you're doing. I'm becoming addicted to ceramic as well!

  6. LOVE this piece! And so relate to your experience of working hard on another piece and hating it...that happens to me all the time. Not fun!

  7. Wait. This is reserved already? FIE! So not fair that I am going to stomp my foot.

  8. You should show it anyway, someone else may love it