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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Backside to Write Home About

This is what I've always wanted, but it's just not going to happen. No matter how many hours I spend on the glute machine. Both sides of my family tree are replete with people who could, and perhaps did, wear their pants backwards without any discomfort at all. If my pants didn't have a zipper on them, no one would know whether I was coming or going.

The backside below is perhaps more interesting:

I told you it wasn't pretty. I'm sure I will do better with practice. You can see my base piece in this case is just a snake shape length of heavy gauge brass wire.

I added one more little bead last night to fill that empty spot. It was kind of hard to do--I wanted to use a smallish bead, but it's hard to fasten something small to this without it spinning around to the wrong side. So I created a little mesh framework first with wire, and then fastened a wood roundel to that instead of just to one of the main pieces. You can sort of see that in the middle, where there's some wire going back and forth.

Here's the finished piece, on a more interesting background than yesterday:

I also added a little wire to another bare spot.

I made these too:

Big prehnite rounds, with pewter Bali-style beadcaps from Happy Mango Beads. Hand-formed sterling silver kidney earwires embellished with Czech glass from BeadandRibbon on Etsy. Beadcaps on the bottom are my little nickel beadcaps. Hand-forged sterling ball headpins.

At some point I'll probably post a little tutorial on those coil crimp ends I used on the necklace.

OK, time to bathe. I'm going out in public today.


  1. aHA! So THATS how you did it. So clever!

    Funny you should mention your flat butt--I have the exact same issue--I thought I was the only woman on the planet who actually looks for pants that make my butt look BIGGER.

  2. Yes, I am a big fan of the butt flap-pocket.

  3. You know, I really rather like the back side! It's clever, and rustic, and cool.

    Now hand it over and you can have my big butt.

  4. I like the back side! That's 18 gauge wire isn't it. My hands ache thinking about that wrapping. It looks good.

    I always wanted a flat butt. My sister got the flat butt, I got the fatt one.

  5. I have the opposite pant problem from flat butt. I have fat back and front! Hahaha! I love the back. It is intriguing to see what goes into this, and I actually quite like the back too! Very inspired design. Enjoy the day!

  6. I agree, the little bead in the middle finishes it nicely. And I love the earrings!!!

  7. I'm imagining how much more wire I would have used to secure the disks in place and think the backside of yours look awesome in comparison!!

  8. i wish i had a flat back and front too, hee hee

    it's a very cool design and i love the earrings!