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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed

The handmade bun is out of the oven.

Houston, we have lift-off.

The payload is delivered.

Now that my metaphors are thoroughly mixed, I will show you pictures of the large custom bridal order I just finished and shipped off to a secret location. The order included pendants for five bridesmaids with four pairs of earrings (one has virgin lobes), pendant and earrings for a best lady (instead of a best man--the groom must be a charming metrosexual), a mother's pendant (with earrings) and a mother-in-law's pendant (more virgin lobes so no earrings), bride's pendant (yet more pristine lobes--what gives? they got something against holes? holes are good, just look around. if there were no holes how could the beer get out? where would you put the pie? where would you bury the bodies?), a gift pendant for the wedding planner, and two flower girl pendants. Whew.  They turned out rather nice I thought.

The bride's colors were pewter and dark apple red, so we went with larvikite (black labradorite), garnet Czech glass, Swarovski Black Diamond crystals for sparkle, and antiqued silver. A couple of the pieces had black in them (best lady is wearing black).  I'll show them to you.

The bridesmaids' pendants:

The Best Lady's Pendant:

The wedding planner's pendant:

The earrings (including mom's earrings):

The mother-in-law's and mother's pendants:

The flower girl pendants:

The bride's pendant (went with bright silver on that one to compliment her dress):

Whew!! I had no idea my attention span was that long. Thank God the bride is not a procrastinator--she gave me lots of time to get this done. Hope she sends me pictures of everybody!

Now back to my own devices.


  1. Beautiful!!! How fun, I have a wedding coming up I'm making jewelry for, I hope we get together soon cause like you I'd like to have a little time to create! Nice work as always!

  2. Lovely! I really like the color combination. It is nice that all the pieces match but each is unique. Each one is so gorgeous I am sure all the ladies will be in love with their new jewels!

  3. Wonderful pieces - and I agree with you about needing holes :-)

  4. These are all really beautiful, great job.

  5. Ooooh, Aaaaah, these are beautiful. Works of art to mark a very special day. You have done so well with a pretty non traditional color pallete!

  6. Love how you made each piece special and unique. And you had me giggling in my coffee as well - indeed, where would the universe be without holes...

  7. all gorgeous!! and such a lot of work....well done for geting it all done in time ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  8. They are all beautiful! I also like that they are all unique but match so well!

  9. These are all absolutely stunning. Your work is perfect! They will all be thrilled!!!!

  10. BWAHAHAHA~ You have me rolling on the floor holding my sides with your detour into hole-ville. (Beer? Pies? Bodies? Chuckle-snort.)
    What a beautiful and expressive gift for the wedding party. I think the colors are really unique and stunning. My first big order was for a wedding where all the bridesmaids wore different pieces all in the the chocolate brown and turquoise theme. We used bronzite and amazonite and another little blue-ish stone that escapes me with pops of coral. And vintage buttons for the clasps. And the bride's necklace was my first ever published piece. I had to take it off her neck because the box was waiting to ship it overnight to the publishers who were holding the deadline for me. I haven't done a wedding since. Alas, the brides all around here like to have their sparkle on with crystal necklaces all in a row from Walmart. I had one bride cancel an order because she had already spent enough on the flip-flops for the bridesmaids. That's okay. I don't want to do flip-flop weddings anyway.
    Nicely done, Keirsten! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the day!

  11. I totally love that this isn't conventional wedding fare. YAY!