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Friday, January 28, 2011

New Shops, New Stuff!

Wanted to share some things with you I recently purchased from some Etsy shops I haven't bought from before. Pretty excited about them!! Check this out:

From JodyPoesy (hand-dyed 1/2" rayon ribbon--they're more substantial than they look in the pictures):
"River Rock"

Totally excited about this one below, saw a treasury on Etsy yesterday in these colors and now I want to do something with it:
These are from Beadfreaky:

And these are from WhiteCloverKiln:

LOVE this one

I also found a new silk ribbon vendor that I'm dying to try, but I need to use up what I have first! Check out Flame Kissed Art Glass (the links will take you to their website, as opposed to their Etsy shop). Look at these cool colors (IN LOVE with the one below):

"Burnt Ember" (bought it)
"Painted Desert"
Thrilled to find such gorgeous silk ribbons which may not, one hopes, entail the same kinds of shipping and "communication" issues as other silk ribbons, whose maker shall remain unnamed. They are also very affordable. The pics above are just a small sampling of the silk fabulousness. Gawd, just writing about them makes me want to buy them RIGHT NOW. Maybe I will.

OK I just did. Anyway, I hope you will visit these awesome shops and find something you love!!


  1. Thanks for the new links! Sigh. When I get money!

  2. Did you leave anything pretty for the rest of us? I love all your choices. You are in the race for the best bead porn today! I am on a bead diet that might just take me until the Bead & Button show in June. Yikes! How will I stand it? I think seeing the things that others enjoy will actually help... can I live vicariously through you?
    Enjoy the day!

  3. beautiful - wow - the fibers from jody poesy are gorgeous... thanks so much for helping me find a place to spend my paypal balance!

  4. I am a serious Jody Poesy addict! Looks like we even have the same taste in color combos LOL! I'll have to check out Flame Kissed, though, hadn't seen that one yet and love the colors you showed!

  5. Oooooo Ribbon! So Gorgeous!!!! I'm drooling~~ Fabulous!

  6. Love thoses ribbons - delicious colours!!