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Sunday, August 29, 2010

These Things Just Make Themselves

Today was the day for my enamel cones from SueBeads to grow up! I didn't really have any beads to go with them when I got them, so I had to go shopping again. I ordered a slug of Czech glass teardrops from Fusion Beads, just two each in each color I wanted, in two different sizes. The larger size, 20x9mm, fit perfectly. I had an idea for how I could use the smaller teardrops, but didn't have the patience today. Next time! First time around I wanted to do something more basic.

I've paired the raspberry cones with teardrops in "carnelian"--it's a nice translucent but milky glass, it really does remind me of carnelian. Some of my purple glass tile beads matched the cones exactly (three colors seemed a little bit too busy). I did these with antiqued brass.

I thought the lemon lime (it makes me think of tree lichen) cones looked nice with the capri blue, and I had some matte finish seed beads in lime as well, so that got all put together with sterling silver.

Lastly, I had to pair the denim blue cones with amber teardrops--I seem to be into that combination. Whiskey and faded jeans by the fire? With sterling silver again. I have these ultra cool Delica seed beads in a matte metallic blue-green finish--they remind me of faded denim. (I want to make an entire necklace with them).

Any of these cones would have been fabulous with any of the beads I got--the enamel colors are so rich and vibrant you can do virtually anything with them. The only thing I found was that I needed to put some kind of smaller spacer bead over the opening at the top of the cone--the holes are fairly large and I was paranoid about mangling them as I finished my wrap. A little round bead would work well too.

I have lots of big teardrops left over so I guess that means I need more cones.


  1. These are fantastic. Love the colour combinations. Love that you could wear them with just about anything. Sue does beautiful enamel work and you've made it come to life.

  2. Those are really really cool Keirsten!! I bet you have a hit on your hands!!

  3. Fantastic color combos and shape/design on these earrings! Remind me again why I don't wear earrings?

  4. These are beautiful! You took some great enameled bead cones and turned them into some really gorgeous earrings. Love your color combinations!

  5. I love these things! The enamel is great and the color combos are perfect. I love the shape and the length...I might have to get me some of these. Make tons so I have lots of choices!