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Friday, June 7, 2013

Technically It's Still Spring

Spring Leaves
I created these three double-sided etched leaves EONS ago, and couldn't decide whether to simply antique them or add color. They went through a few iterations--putting the finish on, and taking it off--before I settled on this light wash of color via gilder's paste. (The trick to durability is to first give the surface a lot of tooth with coarse-grit sandpaper, degrease thoroughly (I like a mixture of citric acid crystals and Dawn dishwashing liquid), and apply verrrry light films of the paste. I sealed these with multiple coats of Permalac and then Renaissance Wax).

In the meantime, during my most recent (apparently ongoing) bead-binge (what is WRONG with me), I acquired these celery green chalcedony ovals and rustic little robin's egg Indonesian blue glass beads from Happy Mango. They were perfect for my leaves! Here's the other side of the leaves:

These leaves are based on a template I had previously used for another necklace, and I wanted to use the same asymmetrical configuration again. I etched them this time instead of embossing them, and added some color.

I have some dragonfly wings I prepared similarly, in different colors, that are awaiting their debut. Stay tuned!


  1. Love it--the colors, your etching, the asymmetry, and the binge-beads! Staying tuned for sure....

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! I love the shape of the metal...but the colors...WOW! Really gorgeous combination!

  3. Love your jewelry designs! I looked through your custom designs on Facebook, and the evolution of your designs is fascinating. Your color sense is fearless and luscious.

    When I read the above post, I could so relate to the bead binge--I think true artists need lots of beads and components in their stash; it has to do with meticulous attention to details and needing just the right beads. At least that's how I justify my own hoard gathered from many years of bead binges.

    Love love your work.

    Laurel (stonewingdesigns.com)

  4. I love this Keirsten! I adore the colors, the design , and the leaves are fantastic!