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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clouds and Keyholes

Kimono Clouds
I created this double sided focal eons ago, and this is the third color scheme I've tried on it. The first--a traditional patina--didn't take at all, so I went to gilder's paste. I didn't like the first thing I did with that so I took it all off with paint thinner and sandpaper and started over. I heated the metal to a deep orange with my clothes iron, and applied just a light wash of color over that with the gilder's paste using my finger. I was thinking of clouds when I designed my shape, and these traditional Japanese wave and cloud patterns seemed just perfect for it!

The beads include (from the bottom) bronzite, rainbow moonstone, angelite, copper beads, blue sponge coral, tiger iron, more angelite and moonstone, and then little roundels of denim lapis. Finished off with round leather cord in a rich cocoa and short lengths of chain. I've had the bronzite and moonstone forever, and discovered today I also had tiger iron! I vaguely remember buying it. I like using forgotten beads from my stash.
I am really enjoying etching, and making these double-sided, tube-riveted focals. I get to color TWICE! I am trying to think of new shapes to do. I am thinking of some house shapes.

I also finished these earrings yesterday, using the first pair of charms from my Gardanne Beads haul I told you about yesterday. Little tiny pumpkin keyholes! With the striped Indonesian beads they feel Gypsy-like to me (of course those striped beads are from Happy Mango Beads; blue etched lampwork spacers are from Julie Miller Glass on Etsy). I don't know why, whenever I use those striped beads I think of Gypsies. Do Gypsies wear stripes? Where did I get that? Maybe I'm thinking of striped circus tents. The little keyholes could be on the door of Cinderella's pumpkin coach.
Pumpkin Keyholes
Well, that's all for now. I'm tuckered out, time to hit the couch!


  1. I'm not surprised the necklace sold so fast. Stunner!

  2. Wow! Truly stunning. LOVE! The colors are gorgeous together and the cloud is so cool.

  3. Love both pieces that scallop shape is sweet, and of course I am partial to the key holes.

  4. That focal is stunning and the necklace is a great composition. I especially like how the bottom of the focal is a reverse pattern of the etch clouds.

  5. I'm pleased you liked your beads and that they could be a part of your lovely work. Best of all, they sold already! ; - )