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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Gale White shared a link with me for another tutorial on coil ends, from Boo Jewels. (And, see, it's from 2009--people have been doing this forever! I should have Googled "DIY cord ends." Can't believe I didn't, I'm such a googlehead.)

Ms. Boo's cord ends are so tidy and professional! They have that double loop like I saw on Lesley Watts' pieces, and they look super easy to make! TWO techniques in the toolbox now! Her jewelry is also to die for, it's exquisite--I've been enjoying looking at it on Flickr for a while now!

Look at this super cool gorgeousness!
Antiqued Copper Necklace from Boo's Jewels
Isn't that stunning? Her earrings are wonderful too. Check it all out!


  1. Wow YUM delicious hunk of copper up there!!!

  2. Love Boo's work, too, but I still like your cord ends better. Now if only I can follow in your footsteps. Thanks again for sharing your version.

  3. Oh, now you've done it! Look at this bracelet in her shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/81426746/antiqued-copper-hand-crafted-alternating
    I've become fascinated with how she put it together! Those little twisty (well, actually, not twisty, but I don't know how else to describe them) links between the long links are way too cool! Oh, dear. Another obsession.

    I was wanting to ask you if you'd thought about using an oval mandrel to make coils, with the idea that it perhaps would facilitate the flattening part of things.


  4. Jenny, what a coinkadink! I was looking at that very bracelet too, thinking OMG HOW COOL IS THAT and trying to figure out the shape of those intermediate links. It looks like a folded over figure 8 shape. I have thought about an oval mandrel, because trying to fake one up is such a pain (I made a bunch of chain with oval links but it's kind of hard to do). Honestly, flattening a coil doesn't work well, like hammering it?--it goes all wonky. It does not flatten in an obedient manner. At least not for me. A tube, however, is a different matter...

  5. When I make mine I wrap the wire right to the material I am attaching the end too...it lets you wrap it nice a tight....I love Gales creations...been a fan for a long time....thanks for all the tips xox

  6. Really stunning!! Thank you. Hugs from Italy. Natasha

  7. Thank you for the mention for the tutorial Lune and thank you everyone else for the kind comments, they're truly appreciated. I'll be delighted if anyone found the tut useful, I only posted it originally as I'd not been able to find a suitable one and spent an inordinate amount of time fathoming the technique for myself, so hoped that I'd possibly spare others that task.