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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Bracelets

I am pursuing my "hinged" bangle bracelet design. Finished these over the weekend but I was too tired to photograph them until yesterday:
"Azure Islands" (or, "What I wear at my posh Grecian villa.")
Found some matte crow beads in my stash from Happy Mango Beads that matched perfectly. (That's always thrilling.) These luxurious lampwork beads are by Kelley Wenzel. I'm calling it "Azure Islands" which is coincidentally what Kelley called her beads. Hey, why reinvent the wheel, right?

This one is all about worn jeans and beat up leather boots. Like Thelma and Louise.
Dangerous in Denim
Ceramic focal bead by Mary Ann Carroll. Burnt horn rounds, with a mixture of nickel and sterling silver wire.

This one will look familiar to you. I got some more of these swirly sunset colored beads from my friend Pat (BeingBeads on Etsy)--these have a little more fuchsia and purple in them, and I added some wrapping to the rings I use between the beads:
A Wrist Pop! Lickable.
Well that's it. I have one more half done. Hopefully I can show it to you in the next few days!


  1. I love this design! You rock :)

  2. I love the last bracelet:))

  3. Really great design! I love them!

  4. I love your creations. You are wonderfull. I learn from you to every time. Thanks!

  5. All three are absolutely lovely

  6. Just wonderful! So beautifully made, the combination of colors and elements are perfection!

  7. Great design, you are working it well. Beautiful glass beads, I love all the bracelets.

  8. These are all great bracelets! I love the designs. Way to rock!

  9. Love the colors in the last one, delicious!

  10. I love this! How is the 'bracelet mandrel' working out?

  11. It's mainly your mind which in general is brilliant and revolutionary.
    Your design in this one is 'delicious' as someone wrote. Even though you do designs at times that are also brilliant and revolutionary. And I'm looking forward to see a hysterical design also.