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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Solstice, Miami-Style

Psychedelic Sunset Bangle

I keep all my lampwork beads in a box together, and sometimes they call just call to each other! I've featured beads from three different designers in this bracelet, and I'm amazed how nicely they work together! The big bold roundel in tangerine is by Bebesglassbeads and was part of a larger set that actually included lots of ocean blues; the two smaller roundels flanking that one are by BeingBeads (I've hit her up for a couple dozen of these multi-sherbet-colored beads!); and lastly the two little spacer lampwork on the ends in the saturated grape and pumpkin are by StudioRent, from a large multi-colored set. Brass beadcaps, toggle bar, base pieces and the decorative and connector rings are by me, lightly antiqued to a rich gold and tumble polished. Four gold-plated brass daisy spacers add a little elegance, and a short length of solid copper rollo chain makes the toggle bar easy to fasten.

I needed some new earrings in the shop too, so I decided to use some of the charm pairs I've been hoarding (these are from FusionBeads, in pewter). These little three-petaled flowers remind me of dogwood blossoms, although I think those have four petals.
Independence Day Mutant Dogwood Earrings
I've combined them with sponge coral discs in a tomato red, little striped glass beads from Indonesia in cornflower blue, red and mustard, matte glass "fiber optic" (they have a subtle cat's eye glass shimmer in them) discs also in cornflower blue, and 6mm pewter daisy spacers, all from Happy Mango Beads. They ended up with a subtle Independence Day feel to them, which seems timely! But also a little gipsy. And Gipsy Season is all year round.
And that's what I squeezed out last week of the exceedingly slim artistic pipeline that is my life. I need some kind of Creative Roto-Rooter. Or some Discipline and Focus. And Organizational Skills. And a vacation. And a nap. But not necessarily in that order. First the nap. Then the vacation. Then the other stuff. Which would probably require a brain transplant and I don't think those have been very successful. And then what if the new brain didn't know how to make jewelry? Or it came out of a man? That would really complicate my life. It's beginning to look like I should just let go of the organizational skills-discipline dream because let's face it, that's not going to happen. What I need is a winning damn LOTTERY ticket. Then it won't matter if I'm productive or not. I can just make jewelry whenever I get tired of playing with my money. Winning the lottery seems a lot more likely than finding any focus or organizational skills.


  1. really beautiful creations, lovey

  2. Love, love, love the colors of your bracelet!

  3. beautiful colors! i'm gonna have to try working with copper. all colors seem to look great with it.

  4. only wonderful. i like all you made!
    I work whit the copper, but ... you are my muse!
    See you soon