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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fooling Around

With metal wire and sheet.

These are some things I was hammering in the car recently--Some 12 and 14 gauge gauge copper wire, and some copper sheet. I decided to decorate them a little with stamping and antiquing and try them out as earrings. This first pair I left simple, with some faceted glass in a sort of lavender-periwinkle that changes color depending on the light source (lavender in sunlight, almost aqua in fluorescent light).
With lavender glass
I've been thinking of tourmalines lately (but not wanting to spend the $$, so instead I got some berry and pine green seed beads to sort of get in the tourmaline mood), and wanting to try wiring seed beads onto things so these are a real experiment! They ended up looking really Christmasy (I didn't expect that! Maybe it's the way the top curls over, makes me think of elf shoes)--probably need some black in there to really pull off the tourmaline thing. But I like them anyway. So they'll just have to sit in the shop until December. Ha.
Pink and Green Extravaganza
These last ones I'm not so in love with, although I like the beads in them.
I think I've had enough of the bar earrings for awhile now, but I'm glad I discovered that wiring seed beads isn't very hard. They were very cooperative! Think I might do that again elsewhere.


  1. these are all gorgeous...you sell yourself short Miss Keirsten!

  2. they're beautiful! i especially love the first ones.

  3. In the car?! You do make good use of your time! LOL
    They are both very pretty. I like the way you attached beads on the second pair.

  4. HA! I am always amazed when you say you are doing this in your car. Keep on playing. These are wonderful!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Bummer. I saw these yesterday and came back for them, but gone. :( They are great - clean, simple lines. I'll keep watching if you make more.

  6. Did I read correctly? Hammering in the car...on what?? Too funny! I love all the earrings, each is so unique with great detail.

  7. Wow, I just made a pair remarkably similar to the first pair, they just haven't been photographed yet! Great minds and all that.

  8. Yes, hammering in the car. I have a box top from an old box and I put that in my lap. I put a hardcover book in the box. I put a thick sketch pad on top of the book. I put my bench block on top of the sketch pad. (Sometimes I take an old heavy piece of wood instead and use that. In my lap.). And I hammer with my chasing hammer. It's not like I'm making horseshoes, copper/brass/silver wire is pretty soft so it works just fine.