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Monday, November 1, 2010

Four Questions

I recently received a blog comment that I had been linked to a post on another blog, Honey from the Bee, the blog of the delightful Janet Bocciardi. I clicked on the link and found I'd been tagged to answer four questions. I adore talking about myself, so I was thrilled, and it also introduced me to three blogs that she'd tagged that I wasn't familiar with. It's a way for me and you to discover something about four bloggers I admire as well, if I can come up with some clever and interesting questions of my own. If you like, if you are one of the four bloggers named below, you can answer my questions on your blog, and in turn choose four bloggers to pose your own four questions to.

Janet Bocciardi (Honey from the Bee) asked these Four Questions:
  1. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you want to see and/or experience?  I would like to go to Greece (although maybe not right now), and the Greek islands.  I would love to see all those cool historical sites that remain from the heyday of Ancient Greece (and before! like the Minoans)--what a phenomenal culture, and how much we owe to them for our ideas on government, mathematics, philosophy, science, etc. I would love to see the Aegean, and the whitewashed villages, and the sun. I miss the sun. We don't have that here. And I would love to experience authentic Greek cuisine. Every. Single. Day. I ADORE Greek food and Mediterranean food in general. I could eat it every day. I would eat falafel for breakfast if I knew how to make it right. And lunch and dinner. With tzatziki and pita. With a side of stuffed grape leaves. And some olives.
  2. What is your favorite craft tool and why?  I would have to say my basic chasing hammer; it echos my interpersonal style. And you can turn metal wire into cool stuff with it.
  3. White or dark meat?  White. Unless it's Blair Underwood.
  4. What do you wish you invented? An utterly foolproof method to make absolutely convincing counterfeit money.
Now, four questions of my own:
  1. Tell me one big thing in your life that you had the opportunity to do, but didn't, and always wished you had.
  2. What is the most favorite outfit (clothes) you ever had? Of your whole life? Describe it to me in detail (sequins, fairy wings, go-go boots and all).
  3. What is your favorite thing about yourself? It can be an ability, a learned skill, a character quality or a personality trait. Or maybe it's your hair.
  4. If you had all the time in the world, every day, to devote to some completely frivolous but wickedly fun pursuit, what would it be?

And hopefully answered by:
Melissa Meman of Melissa Meman Design
Leslie Zabel of Bei Mondi Jewelry
Beryl Morago of Beryl Street Crafts
Lori Anderson of Lori Anderson Designs


  1. i love your answers! greece would be extremely high on my list too -

  2. you are too cool. greece would be great. but i am not a fan of olives. long sordid tale involving making a kindergartner keep her eyes closed. horrific nightmares of olives ever since. and i echo your dark meat. yum.

    enjoy the day!

  3. 1. The one big thing in my life that I had the opportunity to do, and did not- is: sailing! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sail. When I lived in Savannah, GA there was a lake where they offered sailing lessons. I could have bought a class and never did.
    2. Favorite outfit ever? My whole life? I just don’t have one- not much of a clothes person. Although I am partial to boots.
    4. My favorite thing about my self is: my perseverance. Some may call me stubborn, but I wear that label with pride- it’s a trait that always pulls me through.
    5. Of course my last answer is to make jewelry- especially with wire and metal. I also would love to learn to weld so that I can make cool metal sculptures.
    That’s it!
    Thanks for including me, it's fun! I love your answers above. They say that the light in Greece is unlike any other place in the world.

  4. Ah, Greece - yes, it is wonderful. The food is fantastic - mostly... Mediterranean food in general is addicting.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh how cool! I'll answer these on tomorrow's blog post!

  6. I knew you wouldn't let me down on #3... : )

    Stay tuned... I just got back from visiting Santorini and Mykonos... didn't find what I expected...

  7. It was fun to read your answers! I was lucky to go to Greece when I was in high school... I remember buying a necklace made from some sort of clay - I guess it was the beginning of handmade jewelry for me! :-)