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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grape Jelly and Autumn Splendor: A Natural Pairing

Ashanti cross in pewter with garnets and Crazy Horse Stone.

I can't help it, those garnets make me think of grape jelly. And the Crazy Horse Stone make me think of plum glaze. I've combined them above with Hill Tribes sterling silver spacers, each intricately stamped with a tiny design, some other sterling silver spacer beads, and a pewter Ashanti-style cross from Happy Mango Beads. Hand-forged sterling silver S-clasp and rings. I love these two stones together.

I couldn't resist doing this monochrome number below--I've been obsessively churning out these heavy wrapped copper rings, and after they came out of the tumbler all darkly glowing I pawed through my pearl stash to find something to pair them with and these teardrop and potato pearls in dark copper said PICK ME. I love the varying colors of the freshwater pearls--from dark gold to bronze to copper to almost cranberry. The teardrop pearls look like molten metal to me--very irregular and organic looking. Wish I could remember where I got them. (Jewelry Supply?)

Copper and freshwater pearls.
Hand-formed spirals, oval link chain, toggle bar and ball headpins.

In other news, I can say that I have mastered (as far as I know) the art of sawing jump rings, and getting my saw blade strung nice and taut. My project for my upcoming staycation is to saw metal sheet with it, and do some etched and stamped pendants and charms. I have some sketches done of what I am hoping will be easy designs. I don't have the patience right now for the iron transfer technique so I will attempt to freehand them with my limited drawing ability. I figure if they look too kindergarten-y I can just hammer the crap out of them and turn them into beadcaps.


  1. As always, I just love what you do, beautiful!

  2. Loving the combo of copper and pearls, but mostly your hammered spirals!! Really digging the back up plan for wrecked etching, not that I think you'll need to resort to making them into beadcaps.

  3. You make it so easy for me to love coming here. That is totally my colorway. Yumm-o.

    Thanks for sharing. Have fun sawing metal! I need some time to play with etching. I am still playing with the designs because mine are looking all preschool-ish (not even to kindergarten yet!).

    Enjoy the day!

  4. The combination of garnets and Crazy Horse Stone is so delicious! And I am positively drooling over your bracelet - so my colours!
    Your plan-B has me giggling - but I am sure you won't have to resort to something so drastic.

  5. Ahhh love that combination! And so glad I own a Lune Designs original in that combination! :o) I am looking forward to your adventures in metal work part 2... and I - like stregata - do not believe you will have to resort to banging the crap out of them .. although you do make excellent bead caps! ;o)

  6. Love the stones paired with the silver. And great job on the multi-strand, too!