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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some New Stuff

Amazing what you can accomplish when you give yourself permission to stop trying to make Something No One Has Ever Made Before.

Here's some stuff from the last couple weeks:

Bracelet with lampwork by Kelley's Beads and Studio Rent
Pewter Orca totem with Czech faceted glass and denim lapis
Soochow jade in palest rosewater with copper.
Golden jade roundels and brass
Pendant with bronze and steel lock washers and pearls
Bronze lock washers and freshwater pearls
Bracelet with bronze and steel lock washers and pearls
Veterans of this blog will recognize the "hardware" pieces, I've done them before. Been intending for several months to make another set and finally got around to it. (I've been trying to embrace the Nike philosophy of "just do it". One piece at a time. It doesn't need to be revolutionary, just done. And while I'm churning out stuff that is familiar and comfortable to me something a little different will probably squeeze through now and then.)


  1. That's a great philosophy; "Just Do It" - I often say it to my husband or kids but haven't to myself lately... Thanks for the reminder. Love the Soochow jade in palest rosewater with copper :-)

  2. Are you kidding? Every thing you posted here is completely you, and complete new (at least to me). I love how you connected those hardware pieces. Love the finishes of the patinas. Love your choice of stones. I think I may adopt the Nike philosophy too (just not Tiger's Nike philosophy ;-) I MUST START CREATING again! Starting with a set of instructions for my design team commitment tonight and the repair that has been sitting on my table for a month.
    But it is something, right?
    Enjoy the day!

  3. these are all gorgeous...and like Erin, I find that these scream "Lune Designs here!" I would be hard pressed to pick a fav, but those golden jade and wrapped brass earrings are luscious!

  4. Your work always impresses and inspires me. It is so creative and meticulous, I could spot one of your pieces a mile away...love it all!

  5. Given that beadwork and jewelrymaking have been around for, oh, I don't know, THOUSANDS of years, it's nearly impossible to do something that NO ONE has done before. Heck, on more than four occasions just in the last few weeks, I've had beads JUST ARRIVE in my mailbox on the same date that someone else has posted a completed design using the same bead. SO frustrating! Just make what you like and don't worry about the rest is all I've been able to figure out.

    Great new pieces! I LOVE that Orca pendant - that is genius. And the blue and green lampwork with the wire-wrapping? TOTALLY me! Great job!