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Monday, June 7, 2010

More Casualness

Ivory raku lampwork by Blue Seraphim on Etsy, wood wheels, Czech glass roundels in a green lumi finish, hamdmade nickel beadcaps, silver plated beads and spacers, tiny matte cocoa brown seed beads, and antique-silver-plated ladder chain from Lima Beads. So casual you could practically pass out in your bean bag chair. Right there in your sweat pants. And your dirty hair. In front of the tube. Just hangin'.

To get your cas on, CLICK HERE.


  1. Like vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce... yum!

  2. Girl, you are on a roll with these very cool necklaces! Keep up the gorgeous work :)

  3. Hi, Keirsten! I have awarded you with the Kreativ Blogging Award! (Check my blog for details.)