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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kelley's Beads: Azure Islands

These beads by Kelley Wenzel have been sitting on my work table since February. I kept looking at them, wanting so badly to do something with them, but I just didn't have the right accompaniments for them.

I finally found the right counterpoint: BONE. Yeah, that's right. Big, fat bone beads. Just look at them. A nice warm ivory, like white sand beaches...so right with the pale Caribbean blue of the lampwork. A little blue opalite, some blush-hued golden jade roundels, and more BONE!!! Bone tubes. They're from Africa, so maybe it's wildebeest bone, kudu (lesser or greater), or maybe eland. Maybe even okapi. Or maybe steenbok. The dik-dik and klipspringer are probably too small. Lotta goats in Africa. Maybe it's goat bone. "Goat bone" has a real ring to it.

The photos don't do the lampwork justice--there's a surprising amount of blush pink in the beads, hence the peachy-pink golden jade. Perfect with a Mai Tai.

This item is sold.


  1. I'd take a necklace like this with a Mai Tai any day!! Love the bone - whosever bone it is.

  2. "Goat Bone" would be a great name for a band. :-)
    Oh, and the necklace is pretty nice too...

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