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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summers Studio Pendant No. 2

This pendant started out as a bracelet. I was going to make a triple stranded bracelet with these wonderful minty porcelain beads by Macarroll, with teal quartz and amethyst glass. I started out with the main strand (minus the pendant focal), and a strand of amethyst glass tile beads with silver heishi, and another strand with tiny antiqued silver rounds and green aventurine pebbles. When I looked at it lying there on my glass top Japanese-style work bench, however, I thought to myself, "That really ought to be a necklace." And then I remembered my one remaining Summers Studio lentil bead, and ran (seriously, I did) and got it. I thought it looked decidedly fabulous with the other beads, so I started trying to figure out how to work it in. I ended up omitting the third strand with the aventurine pebbles, and just went with the amethyst glass tile beads. I threw in a few lilac pearls for variety, and a couple faceted glass beads in an ultra pale lilac (which I bought at the bead store a couple years ago thinking, under the fluorescent lights, that they were blue green).

I spent what seemed like HOURS trying to decide how to finish the ends of the beaded portions (so hard to make it look NICE and also be durable), and settled on wire guards and crimps/crimp covers. I didn't like the way it looked though--wire guards are not very pretty--so I covered the wire guards with some gorgeous pewter ring beads I got from Happy Mango Beads -- they slid right over them. But then the rings were wanting to slide up the chain (seriously cool stuff from Ornamentea), so I had to add the little pearls (on my hand-forged sterling ball head pins) to keep them from moving. Phew.  This took me all weekend to figure out. And some of it had already been sitting there for a couple weeks already -- some green and purple stuff I had big, vague plans for.

I rather like it. Those silver plated heishi from Happy Mango are so rustic (I think they're silver over copper), they lend an earthy, funky feel to stuff that keeps it from being too formal looking. It almost has an industrial flavor. Those Kenyans. Nothing like Kenyan heishi. (Sounds like a matter for the DEA.)


  1. Gorgeous necklace - and so beautifully made. Love the attention to the details. The colours are perfect with LeAnn's bead!

  2. really beautiful - and i like the way you solved each 'dilemma' you faced... balanced really nicely too between that refinement you create and a funkier/rustic flavor... great! leann's and mary ann's beads are surely very happy in their places of honor! am very sure it will be snatched up quickly!

  3. I am so laughing at your "Japanese Style glass top work bench"! I have one of those too!
    But these days it is a portable plastic topped banquet style bench!
    I had to get a closer look. That is just WOWZA! I love the soft colors, the multi strands. This is a winner in my book. Bravo!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. absolute awesomeness all around. I agree with maire, great saves on each challenge!

  5. gorgeous! i just love your style!

  6. Wow, I just discovered your blog and love your work. This "bracelet-necklace" is awesome. regards Stefanie