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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

I was determined this weekend to use some more of Kelley Wenzel's beads. I had bought some of her "raku egg" beads earlier this year, and had been incubating ideas in my head. I wanted to draw out the lilac in them, so that was my starting point. It actually came together rather quickly, for a change. One of the gratifying things about Kelley's beads is you don't have to work very hard to make them look spectacular in a piece of jewelry! Less is more, and keeping it simple is best so they can really have the spotlight.

I love the colors in these beads--lots of soft amber, a little pale green, and surprising swirls of lilac. The larger bead was actually among the set that Kelley initially surprised me with, and I was thrilled to see how perfectly it complemented the raku beads. The little egg beads are mostly transparent, with the swirls of color in them, and the larger bead is opaque. It reminds me of Jupiter in its Easter bonnet. They are perfect together. I combined them with some simple Czech druk rounds in lilac, a couple of rustic Chinese jade rounds (I felt it needed a little bit of matte finish in there somewhere to turn down the frou-frou factor a notch), and a couple lilac pearls just for fun. I had done the brass spirals several months ago, without any idea what I would do with them, and I liked how they echoed the shape of the beads. The bead caps are my own.

The egg beads are, as their name implies, egg shaped, and the holes are nearer the "top" of each egg, so that if strung, there would be a "dancing" effect, like top drilled pearls. When I wired them onto the bead caps, it created this (in my opinion) utterly charming crocus effect. They look to me like crocus just starting to open. Perfect for an Easter necklace!

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I think it's my new favorite thing I ever did. Thanks for making it easy, Kelley! Can't wait to do more!

P.S. I think I finally have some inspiration for one of Leann Weih's (Summers Studio) blue-green lentil focals that might almost be worthy of it. Hope to do that tomorrow, along with a little more PURPLE!


  1. Love the design. Your wire work is great. These colors are full of spring.

  2. Magnifique Keirsten ! Both, the beads and your wirework.
    Can't wait to see what you are going to create with LeAnn's blue lentil focals.


  3. beautiful job K! I love how this turned out. And your pictures all look impeccable as usual!!
    Sorry I disappeared last night during our chat. My computer decided to have a temper tantrum and so I had to shut it down.

  4. Love this Keirsten - the caps on the egg beads do resemble crocus'. Love how you used Kellies Beads!!

    Your wire work is great - it inspires and frustrates me at the same time!! You should see how I mangled trying to close fine silver hoops last night! LOL.

    Keep being an inspiration! :o)

  5. The beads are stunning and you showcased them perfectly. I just love your new bead caps and your wirework is perfection. It is really a gorgeous necklace.