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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Brief, Dizzying, Barely Controlled Fall Into the Terrifying World of Multi-Color

I decided to take a page from the design sensibility of the fabulous Lorelei Eurto, and take a small, wavering step away from my beloved Woobie, Monochrome/Duochrome. Just for the day.

It was terrifying.

This is what issued from my fevered brain during my descent into madness, into the topsy-turvy world of More Than Two Colors.

The bracelet above features, from upper right, denim blue coral, little Czech rounds in Montana blue, striped lampwork from Blue Seraphim, some weird seed-like bead I got from Ben Franklin (the store, not the man), green magnesite, lampwork from Kelley Wenzel, wood, a pewter Celtic charm, lampwork from Being Beads, more Montana blue Czech glass and wood, and lastly another lampwork Bead from Kelley Wenzel. Rolo chain from Lima Beads. As you can see I cheated just a little and kept everything pretty much in muted, earthy tones, even the (gulp) blue.

I stepped out just a tad further on this one, with the brighter blue of the little sodalite rounds, but I still had one hand on the Woobie. The beads are (deep breath) first, a lovely lampwork bead at center by Kelley Wenzel, yellow turquoise (which would be green in this case), golden jade, carnelian, sodalite, blue aventurine, chrysanthemum stone, brecciated jasper, Czech pressed and fire-polished glass, striped Javanese glass beads, mahogany obsidian, and green magnesite. This is going to be a FPITA to price out. Perhaps one of the reasons I avoid using a lot of different kinds of beads in something. Oh, and that's annealed steel wire. I formed and hammered every one of those little rat bastard spirals.

This one technically has more than two colors--brown, cream, and green, but one could argue that the brown/cream distinction is mere semantics and I cheated. So sue me. The stones/beads starting from the big barrel bead in the middle are an etched agate barrel (from my recent goodie bag from Kelley Wenzel) which looks amazingly like an ancient African clay bead, a half-dome "shell cap", more yellow (a/k/a green) turquoise, a commercial lampwork bead (I think) from Bead Outlet, a fabulous ceramic bead from Macarrol, lampwork from Kelley Wenzel (right next to the clasp), wood, and lampwork from Blue Seraphim.

I started to feel panicky after this however so I retreated back to the safety of Just Two Colors, and made these. The first one is just basically pink and green. Unless you count copper as a color. Large lampwork bead from Bebes Glass Beads (it's actually a nice olive green, can't see it here), pink jasper nuggets, commercial lampwork from Bead Outlet, yellow (i.e., green) turquoise, another nubby green "seed" bead, and dangling cherry quartz, moukaite, apple green howlite, green magnesite and pearls. Rolo chain from Ornamentea. (I don't really care for any of the pictures I took today--I was all happy because there was bright overcast light but it just looked like fake light. Going to have to redo them all one day.)

I don't like this one. I don't really like yellow and green together all by themselves but I felt constrained by the verdite. I don't want to take it apart because of all the silver I used. If anybody has any suggestions for making it less putrid, I'd be thrilled. I'm not going to list it until it's less putrid.

I have other bead combinations lying around that involve more than two colors but I ran out of time and energy to make them into anything. I'm soooo slow. However, I think I had best come off the color highwire for awhile and do some monochrome. I miss my Woobie.


  1. thanks for the mention K! I think you did a great job with multi- color!!
    That last piece, I really like the green with yellow and if it were me, I'd add some wood.
    wood rounds wire wrapped at the connections of each bead or something.
    It will be more jangly but the wood will break up the color a bit.

  2. or! maybe bronzite, or another brown color stone.

  3. i think you did a beautiful job - yes, pricing takes longer for sure... i love the cream mix - very pretty... one thing you can always do to mix colors in ways that you love is to think of things in nature or fashion or whatever that you like... i love the striated colors in the grand canyon at sunset... it's good to step outside of the box for sure... and the annealed steel, i worked in that this weekend too - and my neck and shoulders are killing me... that stuff is definitely harder to work than sterling and copper... did you find that too?
    and i am on board with l regarding the last one - i think wood for both color & material would be a great choice...

  4. LOVE what you made this weekend, but my favorite is the second one with all the danglies and hammered spirals! Also digging the two wooden beads with the etched agate in the third bracelet. I LOVE wood!

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I am glad not everyone finds mustard yellow and emerald green putrid together. And I certainly have lots of wood. And I like jangly. I'll give that a try!

  6. Great job Kiersten! It is a challenge to step outside but once you do there might be a whole new world waiting for you. I think you were incredibly successful. Great wire work, all those spirals. As for the last one...I think that I would listen to Lorelei. She knows what she is talking about. I was thinking something on the other side of the color spectrum. Like one orange bead on the opposite side...with Lorelei's wood beads of course! Thanks for sharing your daring leap into color! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I love the third one. It's earthy but not so earthy that its butt is stuck in the muddy mud world of brown. Did you grind your molars down while working away? =P