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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Little New Stuff, and an Identity Crisis

I have added a few new bracelets to my shops. I mean necklaces. I mean bracelets. OK, wait--one bracelet, one necklace, and two others which are both. Or either. But not at the same time.

I wanted to call this one--of course, how trite--Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, or Your Smoke Is Getting in My Eyes, or That Smoke Is Bothering My Eyes, but I figured Google Base would flag me as trying to sell cigarettes to little kids so I settled for It's Really Smoky in Here. "Smoky" seems to slip past the censors.

You can wear it as a bracelet, or attach the coordinating extender chain and it becomes a necklace that sits in the hollow of your throat. Most of the beads are glass, the smaller smooth rounds are smoky quartz. The brass chain is hand forged, both the eyepin extender chain and the modified "money" chain that forms the base of the bracelet section. CLICK HERE for more information.

Same story with this one, which I called "Early Autumn" (which seemed a little less prosaic than "Red Yellow and Green Bracelet"):

It features apple jade, which apparently is also known as soochow jade (thanks KJ), pistachio and sage button pearls, some dark red glass beads I cannibalized from some of my own jewelry, a few copper beads and lots of copper wire. Same money chain as above. CLICK HERE for more information.

Then I got off the fence and made this bracelet that really is just a bracelet. Although I guess if you really wanted to wear it as a necklace you could. You could attach a paper clip chain to it, or a shoelace, or your favorite silver chain and just go for it. But I chose to just let it be...The larger green roundels are serpentine (I was thrilled to find a couple on the strand that had some turquoise tones in them), the smaller are apple green howlite, and the remaining turquoise beads are Czech pressed glass in a Picasso finish. CLICK HERE for more information.

And finally this necklace is...just a necklace. I'm sort of stuck on this turquoise/lime green thing. I love this magnesite I got at the bead show (what a great alternative to turquoise for us tight wads), and I just can't use enough of this howlite. It was a loooong strand so you're going to see a lot of it. CLICK HERE for more information about this item.

And here it is on my lovely model, Ivory:

I like Ivory's collar bones, but her color is getting me down. I mean, is anybody really that color? Usually?


  1. beautiful pieces, i especially love the 2nd and 4th pieces!

  2. Early Autumn is yummy...like a trip to the apple orchard! Great color choices in all (and names too :-)
    Enjoy the day!

  3. beautiful pieces!! but i'm in lovvvvvvvvve with the first one!! we can extend it!! whar a brillant idea!! love all the wire work on it!! a real treasure!!!

  4. They all are extra gorgeous Keirsten, but the first one, an incredible work of wire, and the colors are somptuous.
    Love the others too (of course).


  5. Thanks ladies! I'm kind of partial to the first one myself, but I do like the apple jade with the dark red too.

  6. Just incredible pieces with so much detail. Your wire work is perfection! I love them all!!

  7. Wow the work and detail that has gone into these is incredible. . . . and I would wear the first one as a necklace in a heartbeat. Love duality

  8. She needs a spray tan ;-) I love the jewelry - those wrapped links totally rock as does what you're doing with the jade (and frankly, I like apple better than soochow because at least I know what apple means). Keep up the good work!

  9. Keirsten, these are stunning. The first one, Smokey, was my favorite until I saw your last one. Ohhhh, I love it! Turquoise is one of my favorite stones.

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