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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bringin' Out the Girls

No, not THOSE girls. THESE girls:

Ebony and Ivory, my new jewelry models. Aren't they pretty? (although I wish they were people-colored). Look just like me, except without heads and arms. Or a backside. And the boobs are about four inches higher than mine.

It's a nice, nearly matte plastic finish. I didn't want shiny. I do so wish they were less literally black and white though, and more people-colored. Anybody know a good paint, one you can mix, for plastic? I doubt Krylon spray paint comes in Western European and African American.

I was going to get a very nice cloth covered one, but that would have been about $100 all told. I might still one day. But these were only $5.95 apiece, figured I'd give them a shot. I love that they have collar bones! And that little hollow at your throat. Of course they'll be modestly, but chicly (is that a word?) clothed.

If they don't work out, they'd be great for a chip bowl at a Superbowl party.


  1. Chip bowl! Hilarious!
    Those girls are definitely perkier than my 41 year old "girls"! Thanks for making me laugh! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. LOL. You crack me up. 4 inches higher. And, a chip bowl.... You could do a decoupage or cover them with fabric. I know I have pins for dress form redo's, maybe on my Dress Forms board, or DIY, or Jewelry Project... I don't remember. Anyway, love the post.
    I'm Belle West on Pinterest if you want to hunt those down. :)