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Monday, May 11, 2009

Delicious Booty from the Sack of Troy

No, no, not THAT kind of booty, you pervert. PILLAGING booty. The spoils of war. My friend Alan said he thought the pendant pictured here looked like something pocketed during the sack of Troy. And by golly it is. Yes it is. Yeah. I bought it from a Turkish collector of antiquities for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Nah, actually I made it. The other day. I disassembled a pendant given to me by an Eritrean woman about 11 years ago (thank you, Meaza). I loved the little house pendant, and wanted to combine it with something really stunning. I adore these bronze pearls and thought that was just the ticket. I made another necklace, sans pendant (since there was only one) with more of the oxidized metal beads and pearls. I like that one too. The chain is hand forged by moi, also oxidized, just so, by moi.

I have lots more of the little metal heishi beads from the original pendant, and I think four more of the large metal beads. I don't really know what kind of metal they are--I'm thinking maybe a copper alloy, possibly bronze. Bronzes are fairly common in Africa, and I can see a lot of copper in the pendant. Could also be brass, as brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. But who knows, they don't really have a lot of safety legislation in Africa. Could be plutonium. Don't let any babies chew on it. And maybe you don't want to chew on it either. I wanted to but I didn't.


  1. i didn't even know that bronze pearls existed! i've seen the light though. they're gorgeous!!

  2. I've discovered that freshwater pearls come in just about any color you could want. Literally. (I was also amazed). Royal blue, black cherry, lemon yellow, PISTACHIO (really)...of course they're dyed.

  3. Loving the bronze! I adore both of these pieces! What are the small little spacer type beads you used?

  4. You know, Lorelei, I don't know!!! You mean the tiny metal ones? The metal ones are the heishi beads from the original pendant, they look like little tiny rings and I think they might be bronze or brass. If you mean the bigger brownish ones, those are "glass tile" beads in smoky gray. I got them from Fire Mountain, they have tons of colors and they have them in matte colors too. They're niftily irregular and super cheap. And, can I say, OMG!!!!! Lorelei Eurto is following my blog!!!! (Cue adolescent screaming). Sorry, big fan. Definitely going to have to tweet this development.

  5. lol I love someone that can make me laugh.

    i (puffy heart) keirsten.