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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Santa Came Early!

Or maybe it was the Easter Bunny. I can't tell because it came in the mail and it was from Karen Hardy. If it had come in a basket or a stocking I would know for sure but it came in bubble wrap. Or if it had said "From Santa." I suppose Karen could have been acting on her own, with no direction from either Santa or the Easter Bunny, but it just FEELS so much like Christmas, or Easter morning, that I'm just not sure. However, since all the evidence is subjective (it feeling like Christmas), and there being no OBjective evidence that Karen was acting under the direction of a powerful and influential person (like the Easter Bunny), I'm willing to believe (for now) that it was a thank you gift. A SERIOUSLY ROCKIN' thank you gift. A KICK-ASS thank you gift. A gift from the QUEEN of ROCKIN' thank you gifts. No, the GODDESS of ROCKIN' thank you gifts. (Goddesses are higher than queens, right?) These are like WAY better than an Easter egg. Or even a Cadbury egg. Or Peeps. Better than Peeps. Blows Peeps out of the water. Peeps just don't stand up to prolonged fondling. Look at these BEADS!!!! It's like she saw my letter to Santa!!! (Hmm, that makes me think that it WAS Santa). And all I had to do was turn her on to Happy Mango Beads. I admit I was pretty happy myself when I found that site, but I stumbled across it myself out of sheer dumb luck.

Karen says she is now inspired to photograph and list the "oodles" of beads she has apparently been hiding from us. There could be a potential explosion of new beads in her Etsy shop, which I encourage you to visit regularly until beads begin appearing. If beads do not appear in the immediate future, I encourage you to convo her repeatedly until they do.


  1. Great blog! Good chuckle. Fabulous beads. What more could I ask.

  2. Those Beads are awesome.. I love her metal work and she is always willing to help and assist anyone who has any jewelry or metal related questions.. Karen definitely ROCKS!
    Edie Schembri ediebeady on etsy