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Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Mend

Well, I finally feel like I probably don't have swine flu. Sore throat finally went away, and the party has now moved to my Eustachian tubes. What's that you say? What? What?? WHAT???? THEY SHOULD START MAKING SOUNDPROOF ROOMS OUT OF SNOT BECAUSE IT HAS AMAZING DAMPENING PROPERTIES! LIKE, I CAN'T HEAR YOU AT ALL!!! WHAT?? I'M WHAT??? SELLING??? HECK YEAH!!! WHAT--OH, YELLING???

fine i'll whisper. here's what i made today. don't worry, i made it inside one of those biohazard safety cabinets--you know, it looks like an incubator and you stick your hands into these built-in gloves and there's negative air pressure and all that. sort of looks exactly like this.

really hard to pick up head pins with the gloves on. i was a little frustrated. i used up the rest of the "barbed wire" earring hoops i had made. a looonng time ago i had said something about pink ones--well here they are.

and grass green ones, in honor of the first day of spring, which was yesterday. apparently. somewhere.

and lastly, moody "black diamond" ones, for the goth in all of us.

well, as soon as i can hear again i'll have to unload the biological safety cabinet on ebay so i can buy a dremel and a house. i think it would be great as a diaper changing station.


  1. those sinus meds must be getting to you. or the mucked up Eustachian tubes. diaper changing station? can't wait for you to get your eBay win! and I still love those barbed wire earrings. specially the black diamond set

  2. I really love those earrings... The pink ones are my favourite! I hope everything continues to clear up, and you can feel a bit better!!