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Friday, March 12, 2010

My Reptilian Brain

I think I was a lizard in a former life. I must have been in the middle of a past life regression when I made this bracelet because it's all about the desert. I have desert on the brain.

Kelley Wenzel of Kelley's Beads has been counting down the days until her trip to Phoenix and all I can think about now is sun, sand, cacti, those creepy cow skulls, rocks, heat and lizards. And I like it. I grew up in central California, where you have all the joys of heat and crackling dry air without the charm of the actual desert. I would like to go to the desert. Did I already say that?

Picture jasper, my new favorite stone, is the star in this bracelet. It's like the desert's very aesthetic was captured in little spheres and sold to me for my personal enjoyment. I love love love it. Just looking at it makes me feel tan and warm. Or in my case freckled and warm. More little picture jasper rounds shake their groove thang (sorry, it's late at the end of the week) on a length of antique-silver plated rollo chain (which I have been trying desperately and unsuccessfully all day to long to remember where I got it), with some wood, a couple tiger eye rounds, and a little silver-plated sun/moon charm (which you can't see in either of these pictures--the important thing is that I know it's there). Hand forged nickel bead caps, and hand-forged toggle clasp. I did all the sterling ball head pins myself with my new badass propane torch. HOT DAMN!!!! Those suckers melt in a flash. Next thing you know I'll be a one woman sweat shop flooding the market with sterling ball head pins. Right on.

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  1. you really are creating incredibly beautiful pieces... you make jaspers seem regal - so beautifully well done! all of that thigh work certainly makes for gorgeous caps...

  2. I LOVE Jasper! Perhaps the seed was placed in me decades ago when we had a one-eyed Pekingnese named Jasper. Although we called him Boogle. Not sure how we got there. Or here. But I LOVE your bracelet. The toggle. All the wire wrapping. Your balled up headpins. The beadcaps. It's all just marvelous. I want to hear it tink and clink and jingle as it is worn and moved!

    And the desert is sunny and warm at just 8:30 in the morning. I can't wait to get out in it with my camera and kids this week!

  3. Wow! Those bead caps are amazing!! Great work!! :)

  4. It's beautiful! It does look like the desert.