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Sunday, September 13, 2015


The Warrior
It's been a while since I made any necklaces, so I thought I would get back to it (it took me several weeks but I did it). I have a lovely collection of pewter Northwest Tribes-inspired totem pendants from Happy Mango Beads, so I thought I would start with those. I've also bought a lot of silver wire lately, taking advantage of the dip in price, and I thought I should use it! My plan is to make a necklace from each of the totems I have. These are the first three from my little stash.

This pendant is "The Warrior." I've combined it with lapis, turquoise, clear quartz, recycled glass in cobalt, leather and sterling silver (both Argentium and traditional sterling.) (Click on the links provided to see the item in my Etsy shop.) (Clear quartz wheel beads and recycled glass disc also from Happy Mango Beads.)

The next necklace I made features a "greeting" totem. I combined it with turquoise, a recycled glass disc in root beer brown, and a little frosty clear glass rondelle (glass beads again from Happy Mango Beads). I decided to keep it simple, and suspended it from some buttery soft suede deertan lace.
Hello, Friend
I just can't seem to get away from this caramel-turquoise combination--the veining in this turquoise is a lovely amber color.

The third pendant is one of my favorites--the Orca totem. I made a necklace with one of these eons ago, and decided to stick with the same color palette--indigo and smoked glass.
Whenever I think of Orcas I think of the Pacific Northwest and the sea and sky on a cloudy day--slate blue and steely gray waters dotted with whitecaps.

I am looking forward to making more necklaces with the totems I have left--owls, suns, salmon, ravens and eagles!


  1. Hi! I haven't visited your blog in quite some time (I have sorta changed my focus to metalsmithing) BUT every time that I do visit I'm just amazed! You are wonderfully creative & extremely gifted with an eye for putting components together in such a beautiful way! I do always recognize your work without even seeing the name of the creator! This may seem a bit mushy(!) but I always get inspired here or anywhere that I see your work! Thank you for creating & for sharing with us!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I don't post (or make) much anymore so you haven't missed that much! If you are metalsmithing you might enjoy this blog (I love it--great fun and lots of good tips): coldfeetstudio.wordpress.com

    2. That's too funny! Deborah is my very favorite!

  2. Beautiful. I just love turquoise- with just about anything. And those totem beads are certainly inspiring.

    I see above that you are not making much at the moment. I go through stages too, but with winter approaching I might just find a little more time. Hope you are doing something you love and nurturing those inspirations for all the silver you just bought.