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Friday, July 5, 2013

Scorched Earth

I recently stumbled across a shop I saw in my Etsy activity feed, Scorched Earth (apparently I was the last to know about this treasure trove of porcelain awesomeness), and promptly fell in love with everything I saw! So I tried to buy everything I saw. But then common sense prevailed and I decided to just buy 14 things instead. Here is a sampling:
Moss Creek Bobble Drops
I am obsessed with this shape. And the word "bobble."
China Sea Bobble Drops
Petra Carpreau is a genius. And a doll. (You must check out her blog--HERE you go.)
Sour Apple Bobble Drops-like tiny Bartlett pears!
I also love these eggplant-shaped drops so I bought a bunch:
Bronzy Droplets Dutch Blue
These are like creme brulee. I might have to faux-nibble on them, just a bit:
Bronzy Droplets Amber Crackle
I do that, the bead faux-nibble, with yummy noises. Nom nom!

I am thinking these might combine with the last of my "midnight" beads from Kelley Wenzel, in a necklace perhaps:
Scorched Persia and Copper Oxide Drops
And look at these fabulous things! Those are the colors of where I live! Glacial lake green, midnight sky, and white snow.
Glacier Porcelain Tips 
And these look edible, don't they? Pretzel Stix! I will do the Faux-Nibble Nom Nom with them as well.
Bright Orange Porcelain Tips
And lastly, perhaps the piece de la resistance, these little handbag shapes:
Wedge Droppers
I should have gotten these too, dammit:
Hoopy Wedge Connectors "Pillar Box"
So much fabulousness, I was nearly weeping as I filled my shopping cart. (One thing I really like about these droppers, is the heavier gauge steel wire Petra uses--sturdy enough for my peace of mind, and it will just look better with the heavier gauges of wire I tend to use in my jewelry.) And as if the fabulousness weren't enough, prices and shipping are also very affordable! Hence the 14 items. I'm going to have to buy more storage soon. I'm thinking something like this:
Baby Bjorn, available at Zappos


  1. I love Petra's stuff and just purchased several items at her shop. I was delighted when my package arrived as everything was even more amazing in person.

  2. Petra fan girl here too! Can't wait to see what you do with your goodies (aside from eating them!).

  3. Yes, she has unique and cool goodies indeed, Keirsten. Check the AJE Pinterest Board for the Earring Challenge... Petra's drops make regular appearances in delectable creations!

  4. Gadzooks!! What a doll! Thank you soooooo muchly much, Kiersten, for such extraordinary appreciation of my little diddlers! I'm thrilled that you like them so much, and look forward to seeing what heavenly wonders you make of them!
    xoxox :O)

  5. The bronze droplets with amber crackle make my eye roll right back in my head on my way to this shop - now! You were not the last to find out about this wonderful place and so glad you shared. Love your jewelry it's always so inspiring.

  6. Bronzy droplets scorched blue...show me what you make with those because I may neeeeeeeed them.

  7. ve been stalking her shop recently, too, but haven't bought anything. Petra work is really unique. Such a standout, in every good way.

  8. So glad you found Petra....she is a doll! Love her stuff and have treated myself to her lovelies! I can't wait to see what awesome stuff do you with them.

  9. Nope. I'd be the very last to know. These are fabulous!

  10. After reading your blog post, I ended up ordering some things from Scorched Earth too. How irresistable are they?? I went a little nuts too! I liked every color. Thanks for the tip!Can't wait to see what you make with yours!